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Successful Sync with Riva

Riva Helps Tandus Centiva Improve SugarCRM User Adoption

Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett company, creates innovative floor covering solutions through their unique product line of Powerbond, Freeform, modular, broadloom, woven and luxury vinyl tile products. With industry-leading product design, unrivaled service and a commitment to environmental and social stewardship, Tandus Centiva provides the ultimate flooring experience.

The Challenge

Tandus Centiva is a long-time IBM Notes and Domino customer. The company has used IBM Notes for almost 10 years – and, prior to deploying SugarCRM in 2012, Tandus Centiva used an IBM Notes-based CRM system that has since been discontinued.

So, initially, the challenge was to find a new CRM solution that would support IBM Notes and Domino. And, the company also wanted a server-side sync solution that would seamlessly sync contacts, calendars, tasks, and email between their CRM and email systems.

Given that IBM itself uses SugarCRM internally, this CRM rose to the top of Tandus Centiva’s short list of top CRMs for IBM Notes. At SugarCon, SugarCRM’s annual user and partner conference, Tandus Centiva discovered Riva CRM Integration. Riva enables SugarCRM customers to drive full value out of their Sugar investment by improving user adoption, increasing sales productivity, reducing manual data entry, and seamlessly syncing CRM and email collaboration information.

Tandus Centiva felt that the combination of SugarCRM and Riva CRM Integration would deliver significant value for the company’s 200 CRM users.

The Results

Tandus Centiva’s CRM users are able to view and manage their SugarCRM contacts, calendars, and tasks from all IBM Domino email applications and IBM Notes Traveler devices. Sales and marketing reps can easily track emails against SugarCRM contacts and accounts.

Riva delivers reliable SugarCRM integration for Tandus Centiva’s:

  • IBM Notes for Windows users;
  • IBM Notes for Mac users;
  • IBM iNotes users;
  • Mobile users with iPhone and iPad devices.

"In addition to making life easier for our SugarCRM administrator, Riva has proven to be a huge user adoption tool for our CRM users."

Tandus Centiva now plans to implement Riva’s advanced SmartConvert, AssignTo, and opportunity integration features. These features will help the company increase sales and drive SugarCRM productivity gains by automating opportunity creation and email tracking against opportunities. By helping Tandus Centiva capture more sales opportunities in SugarCRM, the company will also benefit from better sales forecasting.

Riva is currently used to sync SugarCRM to IBM Notes 8.5.3 at Tandus Centiva. And, very soon, the company plans to upgrade to IBM Notes 9 and take advantage of Riva support for the latest IBM Notes collaboration platform and mobile experience.

“I have really enjoyed working with the Riva team,” said Stapleton. “They have done an excellent job. Riva’s CTO, Stéphane Zanoni, had instant answers to all my questions during our evaluation and implementation of the product. Gordon Welling, Riva’s Director of Support, has done an exceptional job on the Riva Knowledge Base. I would definitely recommend Riva to other IBM Notes and Domino customers.”

The Solution

“Riva does a terrific job of keeping our SugarCRM and IBM Notes systems in sync,” said Kendra Stapleton, IS Project Leader for Tandus Centiva. “Our sales and marketing teams can create new contacts, calendar activities, or tasks from any IBM Notes email client and Riva automatically synchronizes everything in the background.”

“We also like Riva’s email tracking capabilities for IBM Notes and SugarCRM,” continued Stapleton. “All our sales reps are mobile users, so it is particularly helpful that Riva can provide automatic or manual email tracking from all IBM Notes Traveler devices without needing to install or manage any additional software.”

“In addition to making life easier for our SugarCRM administrator, Riva has proven to be a huge user adoption tool for our CRM users. We needed to show our team that IBM Notes and CRM could work together. Riva addresses that challenge by reliably synchronizing SugarCRM with IBM Notes and Domino and by reducing manual data entry.”

Kendra Stapleton,<br /> Project Lead

Riva does a terrific job of providing two-way synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks between SugarCRM and IBM Notes and Domino. Our sales and marketing teams can create new contacts and calendar activities on their iPhone and iPad devices and the information automatically gets synced over to SugarCRM.

Kendra Stapleton,
Project Lead