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Security Public Storage Drives Lead Generation with SugarCRM

Sugar Implementation Improves Storage Organization's Advertising ROI by 600%

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Security Public Storage (SPS), a family-owned and operated self-storage company, turned to SugarCRM to improve operations burdened by paper-based processes. With the help of Sugar Gold Partner W-Systems, SPS integrated Sugar with Twilio and SiteLink, recaptured 60 hours per month in time spent compiling customer information, improved its ability to coach regional managers, and dramatically increased the return from its online advertising budget by 600 percent.

Business Challenges

Paper and pen were being used heavily by Security Public Storage. Essential information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, was frequently buried in paper. At the end of the month, some locations would have ten to fifteen pages of leads and leads from all sites had to be compiled for marketing. “We were losing sales by not following up,” recalls Steven Ford, general supervisor for the company. “We estimated about 60 hours per month were lost just to compiling data.”

SPS realized it needed a CRM solution just based on the hours spent each month compiling data and the lost sales opportunities. To cost justify a CRM solution, SPS required only a one percent increase in sales.

The Path to Success

SPS realized that tracking inbound calls was essential to accurately capture and follow up on leads. W-Systems customized Sugar for SPS to track inbound leads at the individual facility level and on a regional level and to identify where calls are originating so it can assess the effectiveness of its advertising.

Critical features included:

Call Tracking

W-Systems created a custom call script for SPS and integrated Sugar with SiteLink, a leading self-storage management software, and Twilio, a cloud-based provider of VoIP, text messaging, and phone services. The Twilio integration allows SPS to put multiple phone lines through Sugar for marketing campaign tracking.

Automated Customer Follow-up

The combination of SugarCRM and Twilio led to significant process improvements as well. With an automatic workflow, each new call that is received will automatically schedule a two-day follow-up call. “We’re getting more call back opportunities, so we’re able to engage customers and potentially secure the rental,” says Ford.

“Our call volume is now anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 calls per month. Before, we were lucky to capture a couple of hundred calls a month.”

Success Factors

Comprehensive Understanding of Lead Generators

Before working with W-Systems on its CRM, SPS had no source of knowing where its leads were coming from and which advertising methods were working. With W-Systems' integration solutions, SPS now has accurate tracking of what advertising methods are bringing in leads.

Cost and Time Savings

SPS can now give more quality attention to each potential customer because it has reduced the time spent compiling lead information by 60 hours per month. By getting end-of-the-month information more quickly, SPS can address problems immediately. “SugarCRM gave us everything we needed in a piece of software, and it did it in a cost-effective manner,” Ford explains

Increased Call Capture

W-Systems' solution helped SPS increase its call capture six times over. “Our call volume is anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 calls per month,” notes Ford. “Before the Twilio-Sugar integration, we were lucky to capture a couple of hundred calls a month.”

Would you like to see how innovative call tracking can be combined with a smart CRM system to boost lead flow and create more effective advertising? Contact W-Systems, and we’ll show you how.

Steven Ford, <br /> General Manager

Working with W-Systems, we've already grown more than I ever thought we could. Now every time we get to the next level, we see even more possibilities.

Steven Ford,
General Manager