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Rhino Steel Building Systems Improves Overall Efficiency with Sugar

How Rhino Steel Increased User Adoption and Improved Allocation of Marketing Dollars

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Rhino Steel Buildings has been selling pre-manufactured steel building kits since 1998. Their buildings come standard with superior features and are known for the “Rhino difference” which comes from a focus on delivering fast, using stronger and more flexible materials, and providing green building choices. Rhino Steel Buildings was looking for a way to automate manual processes and increase the efficiency of its overall business model.

Business Challenges

Rhino Steel Buildings felt that its outdated business processes were holding them back. “Our sales team was use to simple business cards,” said Mat Brown, Vice President. “So when we adopted our first CRM system, Goldmine, they used it just to hold contacts.” Rhino needed to find a CRM system that could also auto-mate manual tasks and define sales processes.

The Path to Success

To evaluate CRM solutions, Brown met with peers in the industry to compare options. While the company considered other choices such as Salesforce and Zoho, they chose Sugar because of the flexibility and affordability of the platform.

Rhino Steel Buildings initially worked with another Sugar Partner to customize their Sugar instance but came to W-Systems after a negative experience. “We originally chose a partner that was local to Denton. But it was a tough relationship. After about a year of struggling with them, I called W-Systems,” said Brown.

W-Systems' engineers worked with Matt Brown to identify Rhino’s CRM requirements. During the implementation, W-Systems developed several new capabilities in Sugar to meet Rhino’s business requirements. Some of these included:

  • Web-to-lead forms for automatic lead entry
  • Click-to-call feature so users can make and track phone calls from the CRM
  • Custom notes dashlet to easily enter touchpoints with leads
  • Installation of Synolia’s SynoGenerateDoc for mass creation of PDFs
  • Jobs module to manage multiple projects for one Contact

"Everything from the very start went smoothly. From setting up a plan to giving a time frame for the job, or knowing the cost upfront, W-Systems did the standard things that should always be done from the start, and that’s what got us onboard with them."

Success Factors

Flexibility of the Platform

The flexibility of Sugar allowed Rhino to consult with employees and learn about their working needs. “What we liked about Sugar is the way you can customize it. We have a lot of older employees here that were accustomed to the old system. It would have been tough to start with something like Salesforce where you can’t change anything you want,” said Brown. Being able to customize the system to employee needs enabled user adoption for Rhino Steel Buildings

Sophisticated Reporting

Sugar’s reporting module allowed Rhino Steel Buildings to start tracking important metrics, including the ROI of their marketing dollars. By using the web-to-lead form and a field that asked Customers where they had heard of Rhino Steel Buildings, Rhino was able to improve the allocation of their marketing resources.

Defining Workflows

W-Systems engineers worked with Rhino Steel Buildings before starting the project to determine their needs and help them build out a system of workflows. The customizations, training, and services W-Systems provided to Rhino Steel Buildings allowed them to take full advantage of their CRM. Before, the company used Excel spreadsheets to track phone calls and was entering web leads manually. “We never really had a workflow before we came to W-Systems. Our salesmen have all been in the industry before, so they all had their own process for how to work a lead,” said Brown. “Now with the web-to-lead form, a lead gets automatically entered, round- robined to a salesperson immediately, and a sales call is scheduled for them automatically. That salesperson makes a call and enters notes into Sugar, and a brochure is automatically sent out to the lead.” Enforcing consistent work-flows throughout the sales team has enabled better efficiency and more accurate CRM data. It has also enabled the company to follow up with a lead immediately, whereas their older processes had them following up with leads almost a day later.

Open-Mindedness and Expert Advice

Because of the flexibility of Sugar, Rhino Steel Buildings recommends that companies with similar business issues remain open-minded to the advice of their partners. “You may think you want your CRM a certain way, and you’re set on that. But until you talk to someone who has experience, you don’t really know anything about best practices or other companies’ mistakes. The engineers at W-Systems used their experience to show me how it could be done better. Just don’t get stuck in your ways,” said Brown.

Choosing the Right Partner

After negative experiences with their first Sugar partner, Rhino Steel Buildings felt it was critical for them to work with a partner like W-Systems, whose processes aligned with theirs. “Everything from the very start went smoothly. From setting up a plan to giving a time frame for the job, or knowing the cost upfront, W-Systems did the standard things that should always be done from the start, and that’s what got us onboard with them,” said Brown. “W-Systems is always around if I have questions or need something done immediately. When there have been issues, their engineers worked on weekends to get things fixed. You don’t get that often with companies. W-Systems has exceeded what we expected,” said Brown.

Mat Brown, <br /> Vice President<br />

We've never had a complex CRM system before so being with the right partner from the start has really helped us succeed.

Mat Brown,
Vice President