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A Winning Argument for Vonage Business

Cutting Phone Costs and Enabling Lawyers to Work on the Go

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Porter Law Firm is based in Oakland, California and specializes in education law. The firm represents children and their families in all aspects of education including: special education, ADA, 504, suspensions, expulsions, bullying and school-related torts (e.g., harassment, personal injury). They were looking for a business phone solution that allowed them to route calls effectively, support lawyers on the go, and save money. Vonage Business came up with a powerful solution to fit the bill.

Route Calls Affordably with Virtual Receptionist

Firms like Porter Law benefit from system features like Virtual Receptionist which directs callers through a phone menu when they dial the main company number. This time-saving feature allows callers to easily locate the right information or extension. Many times, recorded messaging can answer callers’ questions directly from the phone menu. For example:  Describing services the firm provides within the phone menu can save valuable time answering questions of those seeking a different type of legal service.

Keep Attorneys Reachable

Of course, not every client needs to go through the Virtual Receptionist, and that’s why every attorney is reachable either by extension dialing through the phone menu, or through their direct-dial number. Each extension on the Vonage Business account receives a dedicated number, so that clients have a direct line, if the attorney chooses.

Mobile Communications for Lawyers on the Move

Other features popular with Porter Law Firm include “Work from Anywhere” and Simultaneous Ring. “Work from Anywhere” makes it possible to take your desk phone home, plug it into an internet connection, and make and receive calls as if you were in the office — ideal for traveling or telecommuting. Simultaneous Ring allows attorneys to set their phones to ring both at the office and on their cellphone or other phone number. It’s one of the “Never Miss a Call” suite of features that also include Follow Me.

A “Winning Argument” for the Vonage Cloud

As a smaller law firm, Porter Law Firm needed a reliable phone system that didn’t break the bank. Vonage’s business VoIP phone service answered that need with a solutions that allowed the firm to stay in touch with clients and potential clients effectively through flat-rate unlimited calling and powerful business calling features. The flexibility of the cloud-based system has also been an advantage for the firm’s owner, who lives out of state. The phone system keeps her seamlessly connected to the practice, allowing her to operate as if she’s in the same office with her team in California.

“Excellent phone service. Been using it for years now and it is the best, most reliable part of my business,” explained firm owner LaJoyce Porter. With Vonage Business, Porter Law Firm has found success in presenting an efficient and professional communications appearance to its clients and potential clients.

LaJoyce Porter,<br /> Owner

Excellent phone service. Been using it for years now and it is the best, most reliable part of my business.

LaJoyce Porter,