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Improving Customer Interactions with Sugar

Collectible Store Streamlines Customer Interactions and Data Collection With Sugar

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Initially founded as a private mint in 1964, The Franklin Mint now sells various collectibles, including coins, figurines, games, die-cast vehicles, and more.

The Problem

Due to using legacy software, the daily workflow of The Franklin Mint employees was less than ideal. Additionally, their customer communications were stored inside a shared email inbox, making it difficult to see who has been replied to and who hasn’t.

To address these issues, The Franklin Mint wanted to overhaul their technology suite, starting with their CRM. “We started looking at doing an overall technology refresh, and part of that initiative was looking at a new CRM solution”, says Eugene Yaacobi, The Franklin Mint’s Director of Technical Operations.

The Solution

The Franklin Mint’s top CRM candidates were NetSuite, Salesforce, and Sugar. The organization ultimately chose Sugar for its advanced customization capabilities and the ability to integrate it with their software suite, its ease of use, and because they wanted to self-host the CRM.

“Sugar has significantly streamlined a lot of the processes that we would have, that used to be managed by 10 different systems.”

Working with W-Systems to customize Sugar for their business needs, The Franklin Mint has successfully improved their day-to-day operations: “Sugar has significantly streamlined a lot of the processes that we would have, that used to be managed by 10 different systems.”, says Eugene Yaacobi.

With the CRM as their central hub, any customer interaction data from The Franklin Mint’s platforms is now stored directly within Sugar: “Thanks to our new software stack, all the data just flows into Sugar, and we have the one source of truth to all of our customer information and sales data.”

Eugene Yaacobi, Director of Technical Operations

W-Systems has been so helpful throughout every step of the process. They’ve never went over budget, they were very good with estimating, and they’ve always delivered on exactly what it is that we wanted.

Eugene Yaacobi, Director of Technical Operations