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Refined CRM Records with TrustSphere

How TrustSphere Has Transformed Salesforce at Consultus Recruitment and Research

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Consultus is a boutique executive recruitment agency specialising in providing a personal touch for clients seeking job resources across Australia and New Zealand. With offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington, Consultus provides expert services beyond standard candidate searches.

Consultus has a dedicated team of experienced research consultants skilled at searching the market for the best possible candidates. This team is well versed at international search and uses the very latest search techniques. As a result, the recruitment consultants at Consultus have at their disposal a resource unique in the market. This makes a significant difference to the quality of candidates proposed, as well as the speed at which they are sourced.

Business Priorities

Consultus’ priority is to provide an excellent level of quality and service, and develop a good understanding of their client’s businesses; in doing so, they are able to retain loyal customers and gain repeat business.

Essential to this is the commitment to be trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and professional, and have reliable and efficient processes.

“Many of our clients require market remuneration information, structured advice, executive staff counselling, general market feedback, competitive analysis and more. We do this for our clients free of charge as an added value, as expected from a true partner in business.”


Recent research in Australia shows that the recruitment industry has the highest rate of annual staff turnover (Recruiter Daily February 2015) - exceeding even hospitality and retail. At an average of 43%, this is close to a turnover of a full office of consultants every 24 months.

This high turnover rate provides challenges for a recruitment business owner, whose key differentiator is often the personal relationships developed between the consultant and their clients. It has historically been difficult to retain and transition this core asset of the business when a consultant leaves.

The emergence of online job searching tools such as LinkedIn and other social platforms makes differentiating the research aspect of the business more demanding.

Additionally, with six offices across Australia and New Zealand, a challenge for Consultus is awareness of what is happening in the remote branches – especially where there are multiple contacts across the same corporate client.

Keeping on Top of it All

Consultus is a long-time customer of Salesforce CRM and uses it to be the system of record for its clients. The typical challenges exist with CRM - it is incumbent upon the customer facing staff inputting and updating data. Research shows that only 10% of customer interactions typically make it into the CRM.

“As with a lot of organisations, our staff has to spend valuable time to update the CRM with information,” says Magee. “We have been a user of for over ten years now and we have come to realise that the CRM is only as good as the information you put in. If all the relationship information is not present in the CRM, we don’t get a complete picture of a particular contact or account.”

“Relationships are everything to us as a business, and being able to leverage them is our real competitive advantage”.

TrustSphere - A Timely Solution

“To date, there has not been an efficient way for me to understand all of our relationships and make use of them,” says Magee; “but when I was introduced to TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, I knew I had found the missing link. TrustSphere completes the bit that Salesforce doesn’t do - it mines and refines the communication data, retains it as IP, enters the results into Salesforce automatically, and gives us ‘actionable insights’ to better run our business.”

“Even good sales people on average are terrible at updating the CRM” says Magee. “TrustSphere’s integration with GoogleMail and Salesforce is fantastic. Coupled with the ability to capture our extended team who are not on Salesforce, TrustSphere gives us additional options to manage our business. TrustSphere captures over 30% more information that we weren’t keeping.”

“The best example of TrustSphere’s empirical value came when an existing client called to refer me to a contact who had a demand to fill three new roles. This contact had been managed by someone who had left Consultus, and Salesforce showed we had no relationship with the person. Using TrustSphere’s ‘contact communication’ and ‘other contacts’ report data, we found that we did, in fact, have a strong relationship with this prospect, 17 communications over a 12 month period, and had placed resources with him before. I was able to open the dialogue as a warm introduction with good knowledge of our historical activity, and uncover $38,000 dollars of business we might otherwise have missed.” says Magee.

“This helped Consultus win more business by making our Salesforce the ultimate go-to platform for all customer information. It didn’t matter that the knowledge had left the company with a departing employee, as TrustSphere was able to pull out the historical information from digital communication patterns in the past. A simple and efficient way to help build and maintain customer relationships and win more business.”

Future Plans

Key Benefits

  • Increased Visibility over Customer Relationships
  • Better Customer Engagement Efforts
  • Reduced Manual Data-Entry
  • Company-wide Adoption of the CRM System

Another significant reason for choosing TrustSphere was Consultus’ plan to launch a new business -  Recruitsme . Recruitsme , the brainchild of Doug Magee, is designed to provide a low cost recruitment option for all businesses. Recruitsme will be a volume based , low cost business model, utilizing full or parttime sales agents who can operate from anywhere, with Recruitsme HQ providing the IT and Marketing resources.

On a trial basis, the new sales agents will not have a Salesforce account, so TrustSphere will be the initial measure of activity. “TrustSphere, with GoogleMail, will provide a level of management and reporting required during a trial period after which, when successful, a new agent is born and a Salesforce license will be issued,” says Magee. “Trustsphere will enable us to collect and keep track of our emerging contacts and surface the importance of those relationships.”

“The main requirement will be for us to have great support for the agent and fantastic systems – including the likes of TrustSphere, Salesforce and Job Science” added Magee.

Doug Magee,<br /> Managing Director

TrustSphere completes the bit that Salesforce doesn’t do - it mines and refines the communication data, retains it as IP, enters the results into Salesforce automatically, and gives us ‘actionable insights’ to better run our business.

Doug Magee,
Managing Director