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Off the Charts Success with Vonage

Healthy Success with a Robust Call Center Solution

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ChartLogic has been an industry leader in sales of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software since 1994. The company is known for solutions that improve practice efficiency and patient physician interaction. What separates ChartLogic’s user friendly and intuitive software from all the rest are three key attributes: simplicity, speed and experience. With a corporate motto of “Unlock Efficiency,” ChartLogic evaluated the ROI, business strategy and efficiency of their own internal operations, especially sales fulfillment before selecting a communications partner.

Virtually Up to Date, Always

Once physicians opt for a ChartLogic solution most will never look for another EHR again. However, the key to harvesting these sales is syncing outreach efforts with the medical industry’s robust slate of trade shows. These shows, which attract thousands of healthcare professionals, are renowned for triggering aggressive spikes in sales that could not adequately be processed by an on-premises call center. Timing is crucial to the success behind the marketing push, and ChartLogic’s own on-premises call center had limitations of scalability with the ebb and flow of the workforce needed to process incoming orders.

Handle Call Spikes with Ease

Because of the cyclic sales cycle of the EHR solutions, ChartLogic needed a contact center with the capability to scale up or down, and better manage sales, depending on the seasonality and special events affecting the medical industry.

Streamline Workflows with Intuitive Features

ChartLogic opted for Vonage’s cloud-based solutions found success with our robust call call center features, immediately taking full advantage of their efficiency-driven capabilities, such as audio conferencing, soft phones, and the following:

  • Speak2Dial:  Speech recognition enabled company directory so users can speak the name of the person they want to call
  • Vonage Visual Voicemail:  Voice to Text transcription service which allows users to read their voicemail messages in email
  • FaxMail: Inbound and Outbound Faxing solution which allows users to send and receive faxes using their email client

Off the Charts Success with Vonage

Vonage Business’ hosted communications allow ChartLogic to operate efficiently with a limited IT staff, since much of the management is handled in the cloud. With the high uptime requirements of ChartLogic’s Call Center, the solution’s failover feature has allowed them to limit downtime and scale as needed.

Kurt Hamill,<br /> Project Manager

Vonage Business enabled us to operate efficiently with a limited IT staff, and with our Call Center's high uptime requirements, the failover feature allowed us to limit downtime and scale.

Kurt Hamill,
Project Manager