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Greater Visibility Into Sales With Magic xpi

Bishop-Wisecarver Chooses Magic xpi to Integrate their ERP, Sugar, and eCommerce Platforms

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The Story

Bishop-Wisecarver, who helps manufacturers and automation solution providers engineer linear and rotary motion products, sought to build a solution where all transactions and updates are consolidated into their ERP System and outputted to Sugar to be viewed by various departments, including sales reps.

The projects involved the bi-directional exchange of data between the ERP system and Sugar, the B2C eCommerce platform and B2B eCommerce platform for motion systems,

Magic's pre-built connector for Sugar and Magic's ability to connect to any third party system enabled an easy development and quick deployment of the project.

The Project

Customer: Bishop-Wisecarver

Industry: Linear and rotary motion solutions

Magic Solution: Magic xpi Integration Platform

Connected Applications: ERP System, Sugar, a B2C eCommerce platform and a B2B eCommerce platform


Bishop-Wisecarver wanted to move to the cloud and use a product that could easily adjust to new requirements and handle multi-system integration

The company's previous solution was point-to-point integration with hard-coded scripts between their ERP and the other systems, including Sugar, a B2C eCommerce platform and a B2B eCommerce platform

After some initial attempts to fix the existing code, Bishop-Wisecarver quickly realized that it wasn't a viable approach since the solution was not scalable for upcoming changes that the company was making.

That's when they selected Magic xpi to help establish and manage a well-integrated IT environment. Magic xpi was selected due to its product strength and the depth of knowledge and experience of the Magic integration specialists.

Their goal was to ensure that the data automatically flowed between systems, including the syncing of quotes and sales orders in Sugar and their ERP System.


With its new centralized integration systems based on Magic xpi, Bishop-Wisecarver has achieved greater visibility into sales and has made external reps more productive, empowering them to independently carry out tasks that previously required the assistance of a Bishop-Wisecarver employee

Over 70 persons benefit from the new integration, including manufacturing and customer service reps application engineers, the executive team and regional sales managers. Having real-time accurate data easily accessible reduced significantly the number of emails and phone calls needed to track customer orders.


  • Create scalable multi-system integration IT environment that can evolve with changing business needs
  • Optimize sales efficiency by making sales data more reliable and easily accessible
  • Improve the exchange of data between departments to speed up integration project delivery and improve customer satisfaction


  • Salespeople now have information at their fingertips giving them greater visibility
  • Increased utilization of the 70 people in five departments
  • Executives are able to make informed, real-time decisions
  • Repetitive work replaced with productive work
  • Time-to-market for each integration was less than a month

Another added benefit is that Sugar now includes the history sales orders and invoices on mobile devices

The integration powered by Magic xpi has significantly reduced the duplicate and manual hand-keying of data dor accounts, quotes, and orders from emails, PDF files, and Excel files. Employees now have more time for more strategic tasks.

Looking to the Future

Bishop-Wisecarver is always considering ways to improve and is looking into moving to the Magic solution for integrating its Digital Marketing Platform to further enhance its customer relationships.

The company's future plans for further implementing Magic xpi also includes additional bidirectional integration with their B2C eCommerce platform and Sugar.

About Bishop-Wisecarver

Bishop-Wisecarver (BWC) is a family of WBENC - certified companies that work with manufacturers to engineer, manufacture, and build linear and rotary motion solutions, custom complex assemblies, and optimal embedded intelligence systems. Through the integration of mechanical, electrical, software, control, and systems design engineering expertise, 65+ years of experience and 20,000+ unique clients, BWG continues to provide a single point of service that results in custom designs increased efficiencies and accelerated time to market.

About Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises provides powerful and versatile end-to-end application development and data and application integration solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, 24 regional offices, millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global mobile and IT leaders, Magic collaborates closely with their customers and thousands of business partners in 50 counties to accelerate their business performance.

Niegel Leoncio, CRM Manager

Magic xpi Integration Platform is exactly what we were looking for - a solution to help us quickly and cost-effectively streamline the Integration of our ERP system and other information management systems, including Sugar, a B2C eCommerce platform and our B2B eCommerce platform.

Niegel Leoncio, CRM Manager