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From Zero to Hero

How AiTech Used Collabspot to Triple CRM Usage

About AiTech

AiTech helps increase the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with hosted PBX solutions at a fraction of the cost of legacy PBX systems. Their industry leading cloud-based service is flexible, scalable, reliable and simplifies system management.

The Challenge: Low CRM Utilization

Before implementing Collabspot, AiTech had been trying to make SugarCRM their single source for prospective, current, and past customer information. AiTech sales and customer support reps frequently have conversations via email and by phone that AiTech needed to be stored in Sugar so that their teams could work collaboratively and their management team could run accurate reports and forecasts.

Unfortunately, simple things like adding contacts to Sugar, editing records, and archiving emails became so time-consuming that many of their employees simply stopped updating Sugar. 

The Collabspot Difference

The Collabspot Difference, Jonathon Phillips, Account and Project Manager at AiTech, began a free trial with Collabspot after their Sugar integration partner recommended Collabspot.

Jonathon recognized the value that Collabspot could bring to his team within hours of installing Collabspot. "I used to spend three hours every Friday updating my accounts in Sugar,' says Jonathon. "With Collabspot, I can add contacts, edit records, and archive emails in seconds.

"We're now able to run accurate reports on customer churn, sales, and projects that we just didn't have enough data to do before."

After Jonathon quickly saw real productivity gains, AiTech rolled Collabspot out to the rest of their sales and account management teams. Now, instead of needing to log into Sugar and copy and paste information, their reps can simply view, edit, and add information into Sugar within Gmail.

Today, AiTech has gone from 20% CRM utilization to over 80% CRM utilization because it is quick and easy to use Sugar. Now, AiTech can do things they could only dream of before Collabspot, like create accurate forecasts, and run accurate reports on customer growth and churn. 

Jonathan Phillips,<br /> Account Manager and Project Manager

We went from about 20% CRM utilization to 80% after implementing Collabspot.

Jonathan Phillips,
Account Manager and Project Manager