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Greater Visibility Into Sales With Magic xpi

Bishop-Wisecarver Group adopted Magic xpi to help them move to the cloud and to easily adjust to new requirements and handle multi-system integration.

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Manufacturer Finds ‘Missing Piece’ of Sales Puzzle in CRM

Roxtec Internatioanl adopted Sugar Professional, with the Customer Journey Plug-In, to increase sales, standardize sales processes, improve customer retention, and eliminate information silos.

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Senao International Launches Online Store with AWS

In 2016, Senao’s management decided they needed an e-commerce site to maintain market share and attract more customers to their stores.

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Safe Signatures with DocuSign

Because evolve Credit Union strives to offer exceptional member benefits by focusing on technological advances, it adopted DocuSign to streamline the consumer loan application process.

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Making Money with DocuSign

Alliant Credit Union was looking to switch from open-end to closed-end lending, requiring more signatures to complete loans. It selected DocuSign and saved almost $300K on overnighting expenses in one year.

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From Zero to Hero

AiTech was facing low user adoption of it's CRM platform. They adopted Collabspot to create productivity gains, achieve higher CRM usage, and increase reporting accuracy.

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Making New York a Better Place to Live

New York Restoration Project wished to replace it's legacy tracking tools with a CRM platform. It's selected Sugar to track activities and relationships related to public park land.

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Soaring Success with Vonage

Private Jets, Inc. relies on its ability to answer calls anytime, as well as its ability to quickly adapt to the needs of its customers. The Vonage Business Cloud solution gave them a cloud-hosted system that allowed their far-spread offices to stay in sync.

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Texas Tribune Funds its Mission with SugarCRM

The timeliness and value of the information this system allows the Tribune to deliver its mission more efficiently, complete its fundraising activities more effectively, and manage its growing back-office accounting activities without adding staff.

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Crafting Cloud Communications with Vonage

When a winter storm hit Atlanta, Barry Madel, president of the Atlanta-based manufacturing company Craft Art realized that he needed a business phone system that was more reliable than the weather. By moving to a Vonage Business Cloud phone system, Craft Art could keep the phone ringing.

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Off the Charts Success with Vonage

ChartLogic’s own on-premise call center couldn’t keep up with the fast-paced demands of the electronic health record industry. Their Vonage Enterprise solution gave them a cloud-based call center to help them stay on the cutting edge.

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Tranquil Telephony with Vonage Business

In the salon and spa business, fantastic transformations happen every day. And since adopting the Vonage Business phone system, Karen Allen Salon & Spa has transformed its day-to-day workflow and culture of service.

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