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W-Systems Branding

Hello! We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo and content.

To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at marketing@w-systems.com and include a visual mockup of intended use.

Download Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Logos – Full Color

This is the preferred variant for all applications. It may be shown on white (preferred), light gray or a solid color background. It may also be used over photos where a suitable clear area exists.

W-Systems Full Color.zip

Logos – Full Color Reverse

Use the reverse variant when a background is too dark to allow use of the positive logo.

W-Systems Full Color Reverse.zip

Logos – 1-Color Reverse

Use the one-color variant for print only, in cases where no more than one ink color or technique is allowed (e.g., embossing) or when printing the logo in a spot color on promotional items.

W-Systems 1-Color Reverse.zip


Use this logo in situations where the primary logo will not work, and it’s appropriate to have just a mark represent the brand.

W-Systems Icon.zip

Colors – Primary Palette

Blue and Teal form our primary color palette and represent our brand. The color values are specific, so use their values precisely.

Typography – Header Typeface

Domine is the W-Systems headline font, a serif selected from the Google Font family. Where Roboto is characterized by its mechanical precision, this serif typeface is approachable, energetic and warm. Use Domine in bold and regular weights only.

Download Font Family

Typography – Body Typeface

The core brand font for W-Systems is Roboto, a sans serif font selected from the Google Font family. It should be used for body copy, subheadings and other non-headline text. Use Roboto in bold, medium and light weights only.

Download Font Family