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W-Systems Wins 2nd Place in the App Throwdown at SugarCon 2014

by Amanda Anderson on April 30, 2014

4 minute read

W-Systems took the stage for the third consecutive year in SugarCon’s App Throwdown. W-Systems was one of the six finalists in the App Throwdown, which is a competition among engineers and technology firms to present their app for SugarCRM. Dozens submitted an application and only six were chosen to present during the final event of SugarCon, SugarCRM’s annual user conference, and tradeshow.

W-Systems' app is a mobile-friendly portal with a shopping cart for SugarCRM. The portal enables a company’s customers, vendors, or contractors to interact with the CRM system. The customers can input data, purchase items from Sugar’s product catalog and gain transparency into relevant CRM data.

W-Systems software engineer, Jeremiah Goyette, was one of the core developers of the portal and shopping cart and presented the product during the App Throwdown at SugarCon. Each finalist had two minutes to present their app in front of a panel of judges including SugarCRM’s CTO and Co-Founder, Clint Oram. After the six presentations, the audience of 1,000 SugarCon attendees voted on their favorite demo by texting their vote in American Idol style. W-Systems won 2nd place based on the number of votes.

W-Systems' portal can be completely customized including the user interface, ability to view custom modules, and e-commerce integration with a shopping cart for online purchases. Some of the use cases for W-Systems' portal include customer support, reseller opportunity management, patient follow up and health evaluations, online class registration, and student book sales.

The portal Jeremiah presented used a fun example of a National Skeeball League. The players of the league previously submitted their game scores on a sheet of paper and dues were paid in cash with no easy way to track memberships. The league manager spent most of his time entering scores manually into Sugar instead of running the business.

W-Systems' portal enabled a custom interface that encouraged data entry from the players directly. Because the portal is mobile friendly, players can use the portal as the player card and enter scores using their cell phones.

The Games module is a custom module in Sugar with relationships to the players. W-Systems' portal can pull in any custom module and many of Sugar’s core modules such as Cases, Notes, Opportunities, Documents, and more.

The portal sits on top of Sugar’s database, so when data is entered, it immediately updates the record in Sugar. The players are technically contacts in SugarCRM. Once given a portal username and password, the Sugar admin can send the portal invite to the player and enable access to the portal. Depending on the need of the company, portal users can also request access or create their portal account from the login page, which will push them into Sugar as a Lead or Contact.

The Skeeball League portal that Jeremiah presented also included a shopping cart. The merchandise tab pulls directly from Sugar’s product catalog.

The shopping cart integrates with Stripe to process the credit card transaction and pass the order history back to SugarCRM. Other billing application such as Authorize.net can also be integrated with the shopping cart. Once the item is added to the cart and payment is made, the order status, product purchased, and the amount paid are pushed to Sugar in a custom Orders module that is related to the Contact record.

Jeremiah wrapped up his presentation during the App Throwdown by showing the powerful reports the Skeeball league manager can run in Sugar to see real-time stats on the highest roller of the season, the top team, and game winners.

Because the players can enter game scores themselves, and Sugar can manipulate the data into meaningful stats, the league manager can spend more time running the league and making critical business decisions based on this data.

For more information about W-Systems' portal and shopping cart for SugarCRM, contact us here