W-Systems User Utilities (Preference Cloning)

by Lynn Catterson on October 14, 2016

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The W-Systems User wTools (Preference Cloning) is one of the Sugar customizations in the wTools package available for W-Systems customers or available by subscription. The W-Systems User wTools provides tools to deploy user settings such as Home Dashboards, Sidecar module dashlets/dashboards, filters, favorite reports, navigation bar settings, etc. to specific users or teams. Let’s say you want to develop a custom Dashboard for your sales team to help them keep track of pending forecasts, their A-List customers, and pending activities. You can create the dashboard once, and then deploy to the whole team at once! These utilities can also be very helpful for administrators when setting up new Sugar users.

In our first example, we’ll deploy a custom Sales Dashboard to the Sales team.

Once the wUser Utilities package is installed, an administrator would be able to access it in the Administration area of SugarCRM.

It will usually appear toward the bottom of the options on the Administration page.

You can select a source user and copy dashboards, filters, favorite reports, etc. to a target team or a specific user.

You will notice there are three tabs: General, Dashboards, and Add Filters.

When using the General tab, the items selected, including Dashboards and Filters will be cloned. This means that existing Dashboards and Filters would be overwritten. This is the method to use for new users, when there are no existing custom dashboards or filters, or to restore Dashboards or filters. We would use the Dashboards tab when we wish to select specific Dashboards or add to existing custom Dashboards. The same applies when using the Filters tab.

Coming back to our first example, we’ll add a Home Sales Dashboard for the Sales team. Select the Dashboards tab. Select the Source user as Jen Smith, and the Destination Team as Sales.

Then select the Home | Sales Dashboard.

Multiple Dashboards can be selected. If a Dashboard is selected in error, just click ‘remove’ next to the Dashboard.

Select Add Dashboards when the selections are completed.

When the process is complete, you’ll be redirected to the General tab, and there’s a completion message in the lower left of the window.

If you wish to verify the change, W-Systems User Utilities offers an option to log into Sugar as a specific user. Select Login As from the Admin menu.

Click on the full name of the user in the user list. Following the example, Alec is a member of the Sales team.

You’ll be logged in as that user to see that the Sales Home Dashboard has been added as well as the custom Accounts Dashboard in the Accounts module. Any pre-existing Dashboards will still be available too.

When you’re done, select Return to Admin from the Admin menu.

Note: Only Sugar users marked as System Administrators will have access to the Login As functionality.

Tech Tip: A good practice when building Dashboards that will be used by many users is to add the ‘My Items’ criteria instead of filtering for a specific user. That way the dashboards will work for each user. An example is shown below for meetings, but this criteria can be added to filters for calls, opportunities, cases, etc.

As our second use case example, a new employee joins your company. With W-Systems User Utilities, you could clone Dashboards, Favorite Reports, set an initial password, copy specified user Profile Settings, and Filters all at once!

In the example below, we’ll clone the settings from user Jen Smith to Bevis Bolton. Users in the same teams will likely use the same types of Dashboards, filters, navigation bars, reports, etc., at least as a starting point.

Select the Dashboards/Dashlets to clone such as Home and Accounts. This will clone all the Home Accounts module dashboards. You’d use the Dashboards tab if you needed to pick and choose specific dashboards in a module.

Select Clone once all the selections are made.

When the process is done, the General tab will be clear of previous selections, and there will be a confirmation message in the lower left of the window.

The Login As option can be used to log in as Bevis to verify the items copied and make any further adjustments.

The same process applies for copying individual filters to a team or specific user. Select the Filters tab and select the target team or user. Then select the filter(s) to be copied. Select Add Filters when your selections are made.

As noted before, when the process is completed, you’ll be returned to the General tab, and a confirmation message will appear in the lower left of the window.

Some of these Sugar features are under-utilized because it’s hard to find time in our busy schedules to build dashboards, filters, etc. even when they will ultimately make our jobs easier and help us keep track better. Hopefully, this utility will help deploy these useful features and help your users be even more productive.

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