W-Systems’ Performance Hosting Platform Is Too Fast!!!

by Bill Harrison on April 28, 2010

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Eric Wikman, one of W-Systems' engineers, forwarded me this email from SugarCRM support recently.

Turns out that the servers we use in our SugarCRM Performance Hosting Platform are just too fast! They exploited a weakness in the SugarCRM software that had to be fixed in a new release.

Does this mean we'll have to get slower servers?????

Here's the text of the email we received from our SugarCRM support engineer, Chris Raffle:

Chris Raffle has created a new Note:

Case Number: 50768

Case Name: Inconsistent and wrong subordinates list

Subject: Bug # 25864

Note: Hi Eric, I attached your case to closed bug # 25864 (http://bugs.sugarcrm.com/?bug_number=25864). This bug is resolved in our 5.5 release. Prior to that release, the bug was most prevalent on powerful servers running Linux. In the file:


Around line 57, was the following code:


The issue with microtime is that on powerful, fast servers, multiple items could have the same value thus only showing a small section of the records that should be shown in the record trees as seen in Studio, Forecasts, Product Catalog, etc.

In 5.5, we changed the code to:

$this->uid = create_guid();

This ensures that each element has its own unique identifier and will be shown in the tree.

I am closing this case, but if you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please post a follow-up note.

Kind regards,


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