Why W-Systems is Partnering with Salesforce

by Bill Harrison on February 18, 2015

Today W-Systems is announcing a partnership with Salesforce. While this marks a significant new partnership for W-Systems, it also represents a logical continuation of a strategy we began almost 7 years ago when we entered the CRM market as a consultant and systems integrator. So why are we partnering with Salesforce? There are three primary reasons.

Growth Opportunity

 Working with the world’s largest cloud-based CRM application affords W-Systems the opportunity to work with a diverse and challenging set of customers. We are looking forward to learning new tools and applying what we have already learned in the CRM market to projects with Salesforce customers.

Customer Relevance

W-Systems has always developed new partnerships and capabilities in response to the needs of our customers. Our partnership with Salesforce is no different in this regard. As our customers build more sophisticated sales and marketing strategies, they are asking W-Systems to build increasingly complex integrated software systems to support their strategies. To stay competitive and remain a trusted advisor, we must constantly evolve, learn new tools, and stay at the forefront of our marketplace.

Employee Challenge

A big part of our culture at W-Systems is personal development. To attract and retain great people, we must continue to challenge and develop them. One way we do this is by constantly improving our capabilities. Taking on more complex projects, expanding into new product areas, and developing skills with new partner products are critical to the healthy development of our employee-focused culture. W-Systems is lucky to work in a fast-growing market during a time of great change in the software industry. Innovations in cloud-based applications, open programming frameworks, and mobility all offer great opportunities for us. But they also challenge us to stay relevant by keeping our fingers on the pulse of our customer’s needs. Investing in a partnership with Salesforce is an exciting and challenging next step in our growth, and also an opportunity for learning and growth for the W-Systems team.

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Bill Harrison
VP of Products and Technology at W-Systems
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