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W-Systems’ Managed Hosting

by Eric Wikman on June 17, 2011

4 minute read

W-Systems has been a partner with SugarCRM since the beginning of 2006 and hosting has always been a part of our offerings.  After months of research and development to fine-tune the performance for SugarCRM, in 2008, we re-developed our hosting platform and released our “first generation”.  Today we’re on our “third generation”.  On a regular basis we evaluate all of the server stack that is in use and decide if there are changes needed to improve the performance, reliability and security for our SugarCRM hosted clients.

Our hosting platform uses Virtual Private Server technology. A VPS offers many advantages to traditional shared-style hosting.  It is functionally equivalent to each client being on a separate physical server although there are actually multiple clients sharing resources like CPU.  W-Systems leverages VPS to offer high performance server-grade hardware at an affordable price.

Each client has a dedicated amount of RAM and hard drive space, which are separate from each other. Additionally, each client has a guaranteed amount of CPU resource, but they can burst above their allotment temporarily when circumstances dictate it.

This often means that our servers will run faster than they would otherwise if they were on the equivalent dedicated resources.  Our servers are also able to take advantage of technologies like RAID 10, a technology used to increase storage functions and reliability through redundancy. You would otherwise have to pay a heavy premium for RAID 10 if it was a dedicated server.

Because each client has their own VPS, the system has the privacy and flexibility of a dedicated server.  It isn’t possible to access the database or file system of another client from one VPS to another.  Each VPS can be running completely different programs in the stack, if required.  If a client needs to have a special version of PHP that makes an integration with another system possible, we can change out the PHP version for that client without affecting other clients.

W-Systems handles the management of all of our servers, which are located at a data center that specializes in managed hosting services. Our choice in data center was centered around the need to be in a facility that has a Network Operations Center that is staffed 24/7 and could quickly handle any hardware issue.

There are several hosting options that advertise as “managed hosting”, but there is no universal definition of what that means.

Most companies offering managed hosting are only supporting the hardware and the operating system.  Often when logging into a client server hosted by another managed provider, I will find an operating system has not been patched in months. You will not find that on our servers.

Our servers notify us anytime an update is needed so that we can patch it immediately.  Often this is being done two or three times a week.

W-Systems' customer service is a key element of the managed hosting service and is worth pointing out. W-Systems gives you peace of mind by providing direct phone support from an engineer about an issue you may be having. Unlike many other companies, we don’t offer email-only support, you can get on the phone with us whenever you need to.

W-Systems has update it’s hosting offerings since the original publication date of this blog post. To learn more about our cloud hosting, click here