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W-Systems Engineers’ Favorite Projects of 2012

by Amanda Anderson on December 20, 2012

5 minute read

Each year our team completes dozens of CRM projects for our customers. W-Systems' engineering team keeps pretty busy in order to meet deadlines and work on support requests. But despite their busy work schedule, our engineers took some time to reflect on their favorite projects of the year. These projects were challenging, fun, memorable, and inspired creativity, which is why they are W-Systems' favorite of the year.

1) FedEx Integration for SugarCRM: With this integration, our customer can ship products to auto-calculate the shipment weight using Sugar's product catalog. They can also create and print shipping labels, request pickup for delivery, and track the shipment in Sugar.

2) Dynamic Line Graph Dashlet: This custom Sugar dashlet enables a user to filter sales results and targets based on CRM user, team, country where the deal was sold, and sales region it was sold in. Based on the filters, the line graph will plot points for and display a comparison between:

  • Target sales amount
  • Sum of won Opportunities (fiscal year to date)
  • Sum of won Opportunities the prior year
  • Sum of won Opportunities (fiscal year to date annualized)

The dashlet also has a list view of dynamic information based on the filter, such as:

  • Sum Opportunities created, lost, and won
  • Number of Opportunities created, lost and won
  • Opportunities won (Annualized)
  • Target sales amount
  • Number of new customers
  • Number of customers this year
  • Net change of created vs. closed Opportunities

3) Telecom Campaign Manager: Tracks campaigns and advertisements via a unique phone number, records and stores inbound calls, and reports the ROI for each campaign.

4) Auto Phone Number Lookup: Automatically finds and provides accurate phone numbers for leads with missing phone numbers that are entered into SugarCRM. With this customization, leads with missing phone numbers are flagged and run through the auto phone number process. By utilizing APIs from multiple data source vendors, including White Pages, the leads are searched for based on Name, Street Address, State, and ZIP code. The matching phone numbers found are then populated in the business phone records of that lead. If one or more numbers are populated the lead status is set to new. If no numbers are found, the resource is set to unmatched and the status is set to 411. The key impact of this process is to take leads that do not have phone numbers and populate phone numbers in an automatic fashion to maximize value at a reasonable cost.

5) SugarCRM Code Search Engine: Quickens and simplifies the process for developers that are searching for specific pieces of code in SugarCRM’s code base. W-Systems' search engine is free to the Sugar community and enables developers to run a quick search across many versions of Sugar simultaneously.

6) Film Project Management System: This project was inspired by Keith’s work in the Austin film industry prior to W-Systems. He customized SugarCRM in Studio to help film companies manage an entire film project from the logistics and the crew to tracking equipment and locations for a project.

7) Extended View and In-line Editing for Leads/Contacts: This project has several elements. In-line editing was added to the list view of the Leads/Contacts module. The user can edit a record’s fields that are showing in the list view without needing to open the record and click edit. Also, small icons were placed next to a Contact in the list view so the company could quickly identify if that Contact has purchased a particular category of services (training, memberships, sponsorships, etc.). A popup window was also added to quickly log calls and create canned email responses from email templates in Sugar.

8) Enhancements to the Secure Password Email Tool: Before, this tool would enable Sugar users to securely email passwords or other secure data through the CRM system. Now, users are able to securely request passwords or other secure data from Contacts. From the CRM system, a user selects a Contact and then selects “Request Password” instead of “Send Password”. This sends the Contact an email with the link to a secure page for them to enter their password. That password is then encrypted and an email is sent back to the sender with a link to the page with the password. The message is encrypted and the link to reveal the password can only be used one time.

Some of the projects mentioned above are linked to other blog posts that describe the project in greater detail. The projects that are not linked will be featured in future blog posts. If you have any questions about any of these projects, please contact us here.

Thanks for a great year! Happy Holidays!

The SugarCRM Code Base Search Engine was discontinued in 2016.