W-Systems Engineers’ Favorite Projects of 2011

by Amanda Anderson on December 16, 2011

5 minute read

We've completed dozens of customer projects including CRM customizations, integrations, and product development over the past year.

Here are some of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun projects of the year:

1. Appointment Scheduler - Companies can search stores by zipcode and hours open to schedule in-store appointments for customers. The user can specify the search radius and only the available appointment slots and stores will display.

2. Master Dashlet - System administrators can use the dashlet manager to control normal users' dashlet pages. This is beneficial for setting up new user accounts to jump start them in the CRM system. It is also useful for managers that want to standardize and push out important dashlets and information to company employees.  

3. Whiteboard Module - Users can drag and drop employees to add to projects with the same ease as working on your conference room whiteboard. The user interface makes it easy to assign users to a project. Also, it is a better visual representation of all existing projects and the employees or contractors that are working on them.

4. Time-Tracking Solution - The time tracking solution is an advanced timesheet system in Sugar. Managers can log employee hours and salary, measure efficiency based on work done, budget a project, and manage overtime costs.

5. Quick Entry Module - This module was built to enable our customer to import data into multiple modules from one screen. When the customer received a donation, they would enter the donation amount, the company making the donation, the individual making the donation, and the ad specifications based on the amount donated. Traditionally this would all be done in several different modules, but can now be done from one screen and each individual module is automatically updated with the data.  

6. Twilio Integrations - W-Systems built several voice and SMS integrations with SugarCRM using Twilio, a cloud communications platform.

  • The Universal Click-to-Call product gives users the ability to click any phone number stored in their SugarCRM system and call that number automatically using the Twilio service to complete the call.
  • The outbound and inbound SMS text messaging features allow users to send and receive text messages using the CRM system.
  • Conference bridging and phone number recognition for automatic access to password-protected conference calls. Contacts can call into a conference bridge and if the CRM system recognizes the phone number, it will allow them into the call and announce them. Users can also schedule a call and at the time of the meeting, all of the phone numbers will be dialed and bridged together once answered. Users no longer have to call into a conference. The conference will call them.

 7. History Search Bar - One of W-Systems' customers needed the ability to search through the History subpanel within Accounts. The History subpanel includes all calls, meetings, notes, tasks, and emails associated with a particular Account. The customer needed the ability to more directly search for these activities within a particular Account so that all results were relevant and less time was spent filtering through search results. W-Systems built a search feature into the History subpanel and added a search bar at the top of the subpanel.

8. EchoSign Integration - The plugin W-Systems built enables users to send documents out for electronic signature from their SugarCRM system. Users can monitor the status of the document to know if the contract has been sent, viewed, or signed. Once the document is electronically signed, the PDF is automatically uploaded into SugarCRM.

9. Batch Lead Importing - This customization was done for a call center who received thousands of leads a day to a designated email address. The emails that came in had attachments with several contacts and various column names included. When an email comes in, the attachment is automatically pushed through to SugarCRM and to a specific location on the client's server. Field mapping, campaign tagging, duplicate checks, scrubbing of unqualified leads, and matching with existing records all occur once the attachment is imported. This was previously a manual process and is now automatically imported and done through the CRM system. There have already been over 110,000 leads entered and the project was only recently completed. The end result provides reports on how many leads were originally entered, what campaign they were tagged as, how many duplicates, and how many final leads there were after scrubbing the data.

10. Google Maps Integration - With this integration, users can plot addresses for Leads, Accounts, and Contacts on one map. They can then route directions between specified points on the map. When hovering over plotted points in the map, additional detail is revealed such as the Lead name, phone number, industry type, and sales volume. For more information about what our Engineers have been working on this past year, contact us here

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