wReferrals: Maintain Metrics and Track Referrals in Sugar

by Roxana Dicu on August 20, 2018

3 minute read

Do you struggle with how to effectively encourage and enable sales teams to make referrals to peers?

We would like to introduce wReferrals, our Business Intelligence solution for Sugar. wReferrals is a tool that helps you simplify and automate the product and service Referral process.

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Common wReferrals Use Cases

  • Configure a catalog of referable products and services
  • Make an internal company product or service referral
  • Make a referral to an external organization
  • Receive and react to a new referral
  • Track the volume and status of referrals by product and personas

wReferrals Features

Create Internal Referrals

wReferrals enables you to refer records internally, from one Sugar user to another. Any internal referral automatically links to the record's Account and Contact, so the receiver has immediate access to it when receiving the referral notification.

Send External Referrals

External referrals made are sent to sources outside of your Sugar instance. When created, an email notification is sent to the receiver. You can also include URLs to the records in Sugar if the receiver has access to your CRM instance.

Receive Notifications

Based on the referral's source (internal or external), wReferrals can either send a notification in Sugar to the receiving user, or send an email message to the external source.

Track Referrals

wReferrals adds a custom module in Sugar where you can view all of your referral records or filter them by any criteria. Sugar also enables you to view the Referrals module's data in a dashboard.

Using wReferrals

You can create referrals from any module in Sugar.

After the wReferrals package for Sugar has been installed, go to any account, or contact record and click the Create Referral button.

This opens the drawer from where the user can select which product or service they are referring.

If a referral is made from an account, there will be an extra contact field where the user can either select a contact record  linked to the current account or create a new contact.  If made from a contact, the contact’s parent account is auto filled in the referral record.

The user who creates the referral is the Created By and Assigned to user.  Once you press OK and the referral is complete, the newly created record will be displayed in Referrals module.

Note: When a referral has been created, the user or person specified in the Referral Type record should be notified by:

  • Email (internal and external)
  • Sugar notification stream (internal)

Availability and Pricing

Currently, the wReferrals Add-On module is available to Sugar customers using the US English language, on either On Demand or On Premise instance. It costs $120/user per year, with a minimum of 10 licenses. Please note that wReferrals must match your Sugar instance license count.

If you would like more information about wReferrals, or want to schedule a demo with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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