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Working with Campaigns in SugarCRM: Three Best Practices

by Linus Rinke on August 25, 2016

3 minute read

Whenever I train new or existing Sugar users, I’m always surprised how many people gloss over Campaigns and Target Lists either because they’re unsure of how they work or don’t see the value in setting them up. An oft underutilized feature, Campaigns, and Target Lists are a great way to set up a marketing automation solution to reach the right people at the right time. In light of our upcoming user group on the same topic, here are three ways your organization can leverage Sugar’s Campaigns and Target Lists modules.

Set up Target Lists to Segment Your Prospects and Existing Customers.

Before setting up a Campaign in the system, Target Lists enable you to break up your contacts into logical segments based on where they are in your sales cycles. Using a combination of including and excluding Target Lists you can ensure that communication is always seen by the right people. You wouldn’t send the same email to a brand new prospect that you sent to one of your oldest clients. As customers move through different stages of the customer journey they can be removed and added to different Target Lists as necessary. A couple of years ago we created a customization that automatically adds and removes people from Target Lists when they meet certain criteria. This type of customization makes sure your Target List never gets out of date.

  Set up Target Lists to Segment Your Prospects and Existing Customers.  

Create an Automated Email Series to Nurture Prospects or Customers.

Working with the Sugar Campaigns Module users can create multiple email messages that automatically get sent out at specific dates and times. This really puts the automation in marketing automation. In conjunction with Target Lists, email campaigns enable you to send the right messages to the people that need to see them. Email templates can be designed using HTML and contain tracker links that allow you to see what sort of actions recipients are taking on your email.

Create an Automated Email Series to Nurture Prospects or Customers.  

View Metrics to Track the Success of Your Campaigns.

Using a built-in ROI calculator users can run reports to see how many Leads, Contacts or Opportunities a specific campaign was responsible for generating and track the monetary value of any given campaign in the system. Drilling down even further, campaigns can even be used to track the effectiveness of any single email message in your email campaign. Want to see how many users opted out, who clicked a specific link and who didn’t even open your email at all? Not a problem, Sugar campaigns can do all the heavy lifting for you.

View Metrics to Track the Success of Your Campaigns.

To learn more best practices about working with Target Lists and Campaigns in Sugar, contact us today.

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