Workflow Initialization Utility

by Gail Darling on September 15, 2015

3 minute read

When working with SugarCRM workflows that are time-based, SugarCRM places the steps into a queue waiting for the date and time to execute the actions.

This utility does two things:

  1. It allows you to view the queue and see clearly what is waiting in the queue. 
  2. It also allows you to force older entries into the queue by performing an update on a module date field (moving it one day forward and one day back) which forces older records to be evaluated by new workflow rules and inserted into the queue.


In a custom Licenses module, you have records for all the software products that you have sold along with their maintenance Expiration Dates.  Now you create a new workflow that sends the customer an email alert when the maintenance Expiration Date is less than 30 days from now.  You can use this utility to force Sugar to look at all the existing records in the Licenses module and queue them.

This customization is freely available to any W-Systems SugarCRM customer. Contact us if you would like us to deploy it for you.

This Workflow Initialization Utility only supports up to Sugar 6.x.

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