wMobile’s Contact Options Offers Quick Search Configuration

by Fred Block on April 22, 2013

3 minute read

The wMobile's Contact Options Offers Quick Search Configuration
This article is targeted to the wMobile Phone Edition.

Finding contacts quickly within your database is always a top priority and searching for those contacts "your way" is critical to your productivity. Welcome to wMobile's Quick Search Configuration. It is here that you can customize how you search for your important contacts by adding and removing fields being searched when using the Quick Contact Search.


Log into wMobilePhone and on the Home page, click My Preferences, and then click Contact Options.

On the Contact Options page, scroll down to Quick Search Configuration.

To add a field to be used by Quick Contact Search, select it from the drop-down. For this example of adding the PHONE1 field, you would select Contact1.PHONE1 in the drop-down, and then click the Add button. 

To remove a field that is already configured as a search field, simply click the Remove link associated with the field.

The Additional Contact Search Fields are configured in the same manner as the Primary fields.

To complete the configuration, click Save:


 The Quick Contact Search will now use the fields you have configured.

 Please visit our wMobile Users' Guide for more details on searching and configuring Quick Contact Search.

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