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wMobile Users and Licences

by Lynn Catterson on January 16, 2017

2 minute read

Each wMobile license are assigned to a specific GoldMine user.  This is managed in the wMobile Manager Console. Select Users from the center pane.

This list of users in wMobile should include all the existing GoldMine users. Place a checkmark in the Allow Login column for the users who will be using wMobile.  Click Save in the Actions pane on the right when changes are complete.

The license usage will be displayed in the upper right corner of the center pane, as highlighted below.

The list of GoldMine users is read from GoldMine. The settings are cached for 4 hours. So changes might not show up immediately.  If you need to refresh this list, the cache can be cleared. To do this, select wMobile at the top level of the tree in the wMobile explorer pane on the left. When wMobile is selected as shown below, certain options appear in the Actions pane at the right, including Clear cache.

This will force wMobile to read the user settings again, updating the user list.

Another example where an administrator might need to clear cache is if GoldMine group membership has changed.  Some of our customers user record ownership and curtaining with access set to a GoldMine user group. wMobile will respect these settings, but if a GoldMine user is added to a new group for record access, this change wouldn’t take effect immediately.  Clearing the cache would force wMobile to read the GoldMine user groups again. Any user that is logged into wMobile would need to log out and back in again for the new settings to take effect.

Note: This post pertains to any wMobile 3.1 implementation. The license usage displayed in the Users list was added in build