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wMobile User Group: Using Email in wMobile Phone

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on October 28, 2016

10 minute read

On October 26th, we had our wMobile Online User Group webinar focused on the topic: Using Email in wMobile. 

Our next meeting will be on December 21st, which will highlight the topic “Using and Customizing QuickSearch Options.”

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Below is the video recording, general notes, Speaker Deck presentation as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • Features and fixes in wMobile
  • Focus Topic: Using Email in wMobile
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Existing wMobile Resources

  • Check out the W-Systems website with a brand new branding revamp and new content (in particular the wMobile Product Page) to access the following:
    • Videos
    • Recorded Training under Webinars tab
    • Downloads and Resources
      • Installer Links
      • Online User Guide
    • Release Notes
    • Upcoming Training (now under Support on website)
    • wMobile Blog
    • Request Technical Support (now in lower right of page)
  • Email Tech Support

wMobile Updates

  • Posted on wMobile Product Page
  • Included in bi-monthly newsletter
  • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update

Turn your wMobile Success into a W-Systems Case Study

We are looking for customers that would be interested in having W-Systems write a case study about the impact that wMobile has had within your company.

For additional information on product updates, see the Speaker Deck below.

What’s new in wMobile?

  • Option added to preserve original date when completing activities in wMobile
  • Add support for changing activity type when completing activities in wMobile
  • Simplification of email filing choices in GM Inbox
  • Can now export access logs from wMobile Manager Console
  • Reload System Settings and Logging Level without needing to restart applications when settings are changed from Manager Console
  • Cal record not removed when deleting email from GM Inbox using wMobile email client
  • Cc email received twice when sending from wMobile
  • Activity date switching to previous day on completing in wMobile when client and server use different Time Zones
  • Change database in Mgr Console with "Copy Table Date to New Database" option was not copying all tables
  • Rights in System Settings were getting altered when using "Refresh" from wMobile Manager Console

What’s new in wMobile Phone?

  • Added support for field order in wMobilePhone layouts based on GoldMine field order position
  • Extra characters added in notes on activity completion in some circumstances using wMobilePhone

What’s new in wMobile Desktop?

  • Meeting Requests
  • Show Closest Contacts tab
  • Zip code will populate city/state on updating records and in new records
  • Option to suppress Preview Pane
  • F2 Lookup support added when Building/Editing filters
  • Option to show more Influencers/Contacts in Opportunities/Projects
  • Fixed error converting Opportunity to Project
  • Email link not removed when recipient removed
  • Fixes to scrollbars on resizing History Pane

Feature Topic: Using Email in wMobile Phone

  • The topic selected in our last poll was Using Email in wMobile Phone.

Topics for Next Online User Group

  • Resolving Duplicate Lookup Headers
  • Using Email in wMobile Desktop
  • Winning Topic for December: Using and Customizing QuickSearch Options
  • Creating One Click Logins for Phone and Desktop


  • UI Notifications [November/December]
  • Geocoding Capability [November]​
  • Sending email asynchronously [December/January]​
  • Next wMobile Online User Group – Wednesday, December 21st at 2:00 PM EST 

wMobile User Group Q&A

When I click on a contact hyperlink, wMobile opens up a new email to the contact in my iPhone mail browser. Does that connect to Goldmine?

If the email hyperlink opens an email in your native email application instead of wMobile, then your email preferences are set to use an external Email Client, rather than the wMobile built-in email client.

Typically, email sent outside of GoldMine or wMobile does not get linked to GoldMine History. However, there are a couple of cases where the email can be linked.  It is possible that your email account has folders (such as Inbox and Sent Items) set to be auto-filled.  (Auto-filing for incoming email is supported only on IMAP accounts, not POP3.) When configured, the wMobile email fetcher service will poll the selected folders and will copy email messages to the GoldMine History, based on matching email addresses. 

It is also possible that you are using Outlook integration with GoldMine to automatically or manually link emails to GoldMine.

Can you send an email using a template to a filtered list or group?

Yes, wMobile Phone has MailMerge functionality that can be used with templates, but we discovered it’s not working as designed during the webinar. I’ve put in a defect for this, and it will be fixed in a future release. When it’s fixed, you should be able to follow the steps as described in the online help guide.

Are you able to make custom folders in wMobile for email?

This is not possible at this time, but a feature request has been added for this functionality.

What is the difference between Check Mail and Refresh?

Check Mail will go out and check for new mail on your server or ISP mailbox. Refresh applies only to emails already in the Online Inbox. An example of how Refresh was used in the past, would be if an email was deleted but didn’t get removed from the list right away. Ideally, you shouldn’t need to use Refresh. The list should refresh automatically when emails are filed, deleted, or meeting requests processed. However, the option will remain just in case it’s needed. 

Are there any plans to capture text messages or add them to history in wMobile (for example to make custom folders under the GoldMine Inbox)?

We do not have any plans to capture text messages in wMobile.

What is the difference between Goldmine Inbox and creating a "new account"?

The GoldMine Inbox contains emails already retrieved into GoldMine.  Creating a new account would be to configure a new email account to use for sending and retrieving email, such as your corporate email account, Gmail, etc. wMobile supports multiple email accounts if you need to be able to send/receive emails from multiple accounts.

Could we have the mic on a phone dictate the message in wMobile?

Someone reported during the call that this was possible using an iPhone. In testing, I was also able to do this by tapping into the message box and clicking on the mic button. My dictation was recorded into the message body.


What is the error message "Input string was not in correct format"?

This customer was able to capture a screenshot of the error message and forwarded it to for investigation.  This type of error is usually caused by unexpected data, like text in a numeric field, but we’ll have to narrow down where the issue is.

Is ‘Reply All’ to all email contacts on one email?

Yes, all email recipients will be included in the reply. This is different from behavior when using Mail Merge that generates separate emails for each recipient.

When you File email to another contact, does it link the email address to that contact or just the message?

CORRECTION: I was mistaken in my response during the webinar. Filing email to another contact does NOT associate the email address with the new contact.  The email address stays linked to the original contact record.

Could the check mail function just be part of the refresh selection instead of having to hit two selections?

We are reviewing email functionality this quarter. As previously noted, you shouldn’t need to use Refresh.  When filing emails, deleting emails, or processing meeting requests, the list should be refreshed automatically.  Check Mail is a ‘postback’ function, meaning the server posts back the results of the checking process to the same page, which effectively refreshes the list of emails displayed in the Online Inbox.

Sometimes I have to use Check Mail more than once.

I checked in with the developers on this. Each time Check Mail is clicked, it sends another request. So if you click Check Mail 5 times, it will have to do that task 5 times, and can cause the process to get hung up.  They do expect that the Check Mail functionality will be reviewed and improved in the future. Mobile phones have greater functionality now than they used to, and this process can probably be improved.

Using Check Mail is not instantaneous. It does take a few minutes to process. This is why we have the built in process for the wMobile email fetcher to automatically check the server or ISP mailbox periodically.  By default, this process runs every 30 minutes, but that interval can be reduced. However, an admin should consider all the processes running on the server and consider the number of wMobile email accounts to be checked when setting the frequency. In most environments, this isn’t very significant, but if an admin set 100 email accounts to be checked every 5 minutes, that could cause some performance issues with other processes on the server, including wMobile.

This setting is located in the wMobile Manager Console System Settings.

Configuration → Common → Email


There was also a question that came up about an email setting during the session.

This was the setting to automatically delete email from the server/ISP when the email is processed in wMobile (Such as File to History and Delete, Move to GM Inbox, or deleting an email). This option is on the Folders tab of the email settings in wMobile Phone. This setting will prevent you from downloading the same email repeatedly.

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