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wMobile User Group: Resources and Product Updates

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on November 6, 2014

12 minute read

On October 29th, we had our inaugural wMobile User Group Meeting. On December 17th we will host the next meeting. 

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • What is new in wMobile
  • Mobile Edition
  • Desktop Edition
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Existing Resources

  • W-Systems Website has a large quantity of resources that are continuously updated including:
    • Documentation
    • Upcoming Training (normally 2-3 sessions per month)
    • Latest Update downloader
    • Release Notes are published monthly
    • Blog Articles
    • Request Technical Support
  • Email Support is always available at support@w-systems.com

wMobile Updates

  • wMobile Updates are always posted on the wMobile Product Page
  • Included in newsletter every 2 months
  • wMobile Installer will always check for the latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update to the latest version

What is new in wMobile Phone Edition

  • Added Record Alerts
  • Support for Record Typing - This is a feature in GoldMine that deals with forms that look differently based on the specific type of record. For example you could have a different customer record type that would look different than a prospect record type. This is now automatically supported.
  • Support for lookup.ini - This automates entries into the system by applying a number of cascading rules. wMobile now fully supports this feature.

What is new in wMobile Desktop Edition

  • Support for SQL queries
  • Merge Documents
  • New Tablet Themes (MetroTouch is the theme name and will be auto-detected and loaded on any tablet device)
  • Multi Calendar Support (and Calendar Agenda View)
  • Calendar Print Support
  • Broader Support for Export to Excel
  • Dashboard Metrics Improvements


  • wMobile Tablet Performance Refresh – Release in November 2014
  • Support for dBase expressions in Lookup Lists – Release in November 2014
  • Support for GoldMine Knowledgebase – Release in February 2015
  • Support for Referral Relationships – Release in February 2015
  • Support for Scheduled Activity Notifications – Release in January 2015
  • Support for Recurring Activities – Release in Mid November 2014
  • Support for drag and drop emails into folders  – Release in March 2015
  • Support for adding attachments in wMobile Phone – Release in March 2015

wMobile Open Questions & Answers

Is there any way to sync an Office 365 password change to an email account in wMobile?

Currently, we do not have this kind of integration with Office 365. Exchange, etc. Any change in email passwords has to be made manually in the user’s email settings.

We often see messages on the calendar such as “You have 77 Activities scheduled on this month" Is there any way to have that info displayed on the regular calendar and week view?

The message is actually “You have 1 Activities scheduled on this month For no specific time. View these in the Activity ListView.”  If you would like the messages to show up on the calendar, they must have a specific time. The GoldMine calendar works the same way. It can only display on the calendar activities that have a specific time. Otherwise, they are shown in a list.  In wMobile, those activities can be seen in the Activity List.

Will you be adding attachment capabilities to the wMobile Phone Version?

Yes, that is on the roadmap to attach documents to the phone version.  Most of the attachment will have to already been in GoldMine. 

I'm a wMobile phone user and never have used desktop. Why would I use that instead of the GoldMine version?

The wMobile desktop version is great for if you have a sales force that is traveling around, working from home or from a client's office and needs access to GoldMine.  This allows for the company to not have support installing the full application and providing synchronization and instead using wMobile Desktop since it is a mirror of the GoldMine environment but running in a browser.

Have you updated the way to select the emails for people who use iPhones? The buttons (circles) that you have to highlight take several tries with your fingers or stylus to get them selected. If you don't it opens the e-mail and is very frustrating. (b) The area to select emails is way too small – can this possibly be fixed?

When you are connected to wMobile phone on your iPhone, Droid, etc, then you'll have an option in the preferences to set the zoom level on that device.  

If a user wants to change their tablet theme or zoom level in wMobile Desktop, there’s a sub-tab under Display for Tablet Options.  MetroTouch is the default and the recommended theme.

Can you add the ability to send an email to the user you're scheduling the activity for as well as requesting RSVP as you can do when scheduling actions in GoldMine?

We do have a feature request for this already. When it is ready it will be published in the appropriate month’s release notes.

Once you update to the new version, is there any configuration that has to happen or is it pretty simple?

There is no configuration required beyond the update. Also, for reference, on the wMobile Downloads tab, there’s only one file that is used for installing or updating. It automatically detects whether wMobile is installed or not to proceed with installation or update, so they don’t have to choose one or the other on the Downloads tab.

(a) Is a wMobile phone license the same as a wMobile desktop license or do they have to be purchased separately? (b) Does one license allow user to get in on both phone and desktop versions?

The wMobile phone license is exactly the same as the wMobile desktop license – you do not need to purchase both separately so with one license it allows the user to have access to both the phone and desktop versions.

Have e-mail folders been alphabetized in the newer version?

Currently this is not supported. 

What is the current status of using wMobile desktop interface with iPad?

The MetroTouch is the default and recommended theme for users on an iPad or tablet device.

Some of my customers are requesting Projects management. Is this going to be implemented any time soon?

GoldMine has a feature about managing Projects, which is currently not supported in wMobile. We will most likely start integrating this feature in the next 9 months.