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wMobile User Group: Managing Opportunities and Projects in wMobile Desktop

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on September 1, 2016

4 minute read

On August 31st, we had our wMobile User Group Meeting focused on the topic: Managing Opportunities and Projects in wMobile Desktop. Our next meeting will be on October 26th, which will highlight the topic “Using Email in wMobile Phone.”

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Below is the video recording, general notes, Speaker Deck presentation as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • Features and fixes in wMobile
  • Focus Topic: Managing Opportunities & Projects in wMobile Desktop
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Existing wMobile Resources

  • Check out the W-Systems website with a brand new branding revamp and new content (in particular the wMobile Product Page) to access the following:
    • Online User Guide
    • Release Notes
    • Upcoming Training
    • wMobile Blog 
    • Request Technical Support (now in the lower right-hand corner of the page)
    • Email Tech Support

wMobile Updates

  • Posted on wMobile Product Page
  • Included in bi-monthly newsletter
  • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update

Turn your wMobile Success into a W-Systems Case Study

We are looking for customers that would be interested in having W-Systems write a case study about the impact that wMobile has had within your company.

For additional information on product updates, see the Speaker Deck below.

What’s new in wMobile?

  • Support for Replying to iCalendar Meeting Invites and Cancellations
  • New Google Maps Integration
  • Option to reset wMobile Cache
  • Fixed ability to modify an alarm (snooze/ignore) where wMobile was not taking the user’s time zone into consideration
  • Case reassignment notification improvements

What’s new in wMobile Phone?

  • Support for Meeting invitations
  • Support for Maps and Directions using Google Maps
  • Can link email to Project/Case/Opportunity using ‘File With Options.'
  • Issue fixed where date entered in MM/DD/YY format was set to current date.
  • Fix to activity counts in wMobile Phone Home menu

What’s new in wMobile Desktop?

  • Meeting Requests
  • Show Closest Contacts tab
  • Zip code will populate city/state on updating records and in new records
  • Option to suppress Preview Pane
  • F2 Lookup support added when Building/Editing filters
  • Option to show more Influencers/Contacts in Opportunities/Projects
  • Fixed error converting Opportunity to Project
  • Email link not removed when recipient removed
  • Fixes to scrollbars on resizing History Pane

Feature Topic: Managing Opportunities and Projects in wMobile Desktop

  • The topic selected in our last poll was Managing Opportunities and Projects in wMobile Desktop.
  • Support for Project management has been added to wMobile Desktop within the last year, and in this process we’ve streamlined some of the functionality for both Opportunities and Projects.

Topics for Next User Group

  • Resolving Duplicate Lookup Headers
  • Using Email in wMobile Phone
  • Using Email in wMobile Desktop
  • Updating the wMobile Logo
  • Winning Topic for October: Using Email in wMobile Phone


  • Support for application state changes (System Settings, GM Users, Log level) without component restart [September]
  • UI Notifications [September/October]
  • Geocoding Services [October]
  • Sending email asynchronously [November]
  • Next wMobile User Group – Wednesday, October 26th at 2:00 PM EDT

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