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wMobile User Group: Document Merge Templates

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on April 21, 2016

9 minute read

On April 20th, we had our wMobile Online User Group Meeting focused on the topic: Document Merge Templates. Our next meeting will be on June 29th, which will highlight the topic “Using wMobile Dashboards in Phone and Desktop”.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Below is the video recording, general notes, Speaker Deck presentation as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • Features and fixes in wMobile
  • Focus Topic: Creating and Using Merge templates
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Existing wMobile Resources

  • Check out the W-Systems website with a brand new branding revamp and new content (in particular the wMobile Product Page) to access the following:
    • Online User Guide
    • Release Notes
    • Upcoming Training
    • wMobile Blog 
    • Request Technical Support (now in the lower right-hand corner of the page)
    • Email Tech Support

wMobile Updates

  • Posted on wMobile Product Page
  • Included in bi-monthly newsletter
  • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update

For additional information on product updates, see the Speaker Deck below.

* Items with asterisk are pending in April release.

What’s new in wMobile?

  • On-screen Notification in the wMobile Manager Console when an update is available
  • Addition of Notification Service rule to send notification when email account credentials are invalid
  • wDiag was falsely reporting that wMobile is ‘pointing to a GM database that is not used anymore’. The comparison is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Calls marked Unsuccessful do not update LastContOn field on Summary tab
  • New options to Add Email as a QuickSearch criteria*
  • New icons for One Click Logins*

What’s new in wMobile Phone?

  • Addition of Pending Activities to Dashboard
  • User selection on calendar is now ‘sticky’
  • Addition of visible scrollbars in wMobile Phone for notes fields
  • Fix for closest contacts functions when the user has a record access filter
  • New Date Selection*
  • Problem fixed with One Click Login sessions on iPhones.*

What’s new in wMobile Desktop?

  • Improvements for Projects:
    • Support for custom fields in Projects (in Project Templates as well, and including numeric fields with decimal places)
    • New option to Relink Projects
    • Contacts in Projects can be sorted
    • Options to navigate to Contacts in Projects
    • When a Project status is set to Closed, the Stage is automatically changed to Closed as well.*
  • Improvements for Opportunities
    • Opportunity search options now match Projects*
    • Lookup List for Status field not available on Winning or Losing Opportunities*
  • Fix for problem searching for contact when scheduling an appointment from the calendar on iPad
  • Fix for ‘KeepAlive’ session setting in wMobile Desktop
  • Email issues fixed
    • Filing to a specific GoldMine email folder
    • Intermittent problem with cursor going back to To: field when composing email
    • Filed and Sent Email folders in GoldMine Inbox are now sorted in reverse order with most recent on top
  • Fix for accessing KnowledgeBase on GoldMine 8.5 with old GM Notes format
  • Filed and Sent Email folders in GoldMine Inbox are now sorted in reverse order with most recent on top
  • Time picker now shows the entire list if interval is set to 30 mins or less (this affected users with low screen resolution)
  • New method to create Email Templates*
  • Option to edit GoldMine Lookup Lists*
  • Problem fixed with Cases field labels showing field name instead of field label*

Document Merge Templates

  • The topic selected in our last poll was Document Merge Templates in wMobile Desktop.
  • wMobile Desktop uses a different method than GoldMine for merge forms, so different templates will be needed to use this functionality in wMobile. However, the creation method is very similar and familiar.
  • When merging documents, they can be output as Word or Pdf docs.

Document Templates

  • The Templates are accessed from the Templates option on the toolbar.

New Template

  • To create a new template, select File | New | template or use the icon on the template list toolbar.

Contact Details

  • Fields can be inserted such as First name or the Dear field. 

Contact Fields

  • Add desired text to the template.  The formatting toolbar has options similar to GoldMine, Outlook, Word and other word processing applications.
  • Other fields can also be inserted from contact records. This would include any standard GoldMine field from the Contact1 table, and any custom fields from the Contact2 table.

User Details

  • User details can be added such as username, title, dept, email address, phone, mobile etc.
  • User details can be added or updated by accessing Tools on the toolbar and the Options selection.

Save Template

  • When you’ve completed your template, select File | Save Template.
  • Give the template a logical name and click OK.
  • If you need to make changes to the template, click back in the body of the email template. Make the changes and save again.

New Template in List

  • Saved templates will appear in alpha order.
  • In the live session, I didn’t see my Test template. I needed to navigate to the next page of templates.

Template Toolbar

  • Templates can be renamed using the 2nd button on the template toolbar, highlighted in yellow.
  • Templates can be deleted using the 3rd icon on the template toolbar, highlighted in green.
  • The blue arrows will refresh the list.
  • If you have a long list of templates, enter part of the template name in the search box.

Merge Document

  • Templates can be used from the contact view by selecting Merge Document. Depending on your screen size and resolution, you might need to use the scroll button highlighted in green below to locate the option.

Select Template

  • Select the template to use.
  • Preview is optional. It will open in a separate browser tab.
  • Give the document a name.
  • Select output method of Docx or Pdf.
  • Checkmark option to make it a Linked Document under the Links tab, if desired.

Results of Merge

  • Different browsers behave differently. Some will present the option to open or save the file, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Some browsers will display the file at bottom of the browser window (Chrome).
  • In Safari on an iPad, the new document opens directly in a separate tab.

Open Doc

  • When you open the document, it uses local resources, so you must have Word or a Pdf Reader installed on your computer, iPad, or tablet.

Linked Docs

  • If you checked to save the doc as a Linked document, then it will appear under the Links tab.
  • Documents can be opened and edited, but many remote don’t have network access. They would have to save the edited document locally and then upload a new version in wMobile Desktop under the links tab.

System Settings

  • The location that the document is saved in will be determined based on System Settings in the wMobile Manager Console.
  • Since the file folders are given unique folder names, it’s generally recommended to save these in a separate folder.

Merge from Search Center

  • It is also possible to merge documents from the Contact Search Center.
  • Select the contacts and click on Merge Document.

Merged Document

  • All the letters will be in one document. You can navigate through the pages, download the document, or print to a local printer.

wMobile Webinar Notes

  1. We noted that the slides would include links for creating wMobile One Click Logins for Phone and Desktop.
  2. During the webinar, we added Email as a search criteria for the QuickSearch in wMobile Phone. It didn’t seem to work. The issue was that Lynn was logged in as user BOB, who has restricted record access. He only sees his records. The record that Lynn was searching for was not a record he was allowed to see.  
  3. We could not find the test email template that was saved during the live session. The templates are in alphabetical order, and we didn’t scroll to the next page of the template list. This is now included in the slide on navigating through the template list in the slide deck.  
  4. We would like some of the comments with regards to wMobile projects.  If a Project Status is set to Closed, the Stage is NOT automatically set to Closed as indicated in the webinar. If a user selects the option to Complete Project, then both the Status and Stage are automatically set to Closed.  Where the actual change in wMobile Desktop was made was that on the change of Status to closed, the project wasn’t getting closed. For those that like the details of what happens ‘under the hood’ GoldMine changes the OpMgr.Rectype from ‘P’ to ‘PZ’ when a project is closed. The option to show Active (Not Closed) projects in GoldMine filters on the RecType field, not the actual Status field.  So now changes to the Status field mirror GoldMine behavior.

Topics for Next Online User Group

  • Using wMobile Dashboards (Phone and Desktop) 
  • Managing Opportunities/Projects in wMobile Desktop
  • Using Email in wMobile Phone
  • Using Email in wMobile Desktop  


  • UI Notifications (May)
  • Support for Meeting Requests (May)
  • Support for Referral Relationships (June)
  • Integration with Google Maps and Directions in wMobile Phone (June)
  • Our next wMobile Online User Group – June 29th at 2:00 PM EST

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