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wMobile User Group: Displaying Custom Views

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on April 30, 2015

9 minute read

On April 29th, we had our wMobile User Group webinar. Our next meeting will be on June 24th, which will highlight the topic “Using the SQL Manager”.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Below is the video recording, general notes, SlideShare presentation as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • What is new in wMobile
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Existing wMobile Resources

wMobile Updates

  • Posted on wMobile Product Page
  • Included in bi-monthly newsletter
  • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update

What’s new in wMobile (General)

  • New settings in Mgr Console to set duplicate criteria
  • Lookup.ini now applied on new or cloned contacts
  • Record Type – now also supports option to set a default Record Type
  • Export ALL email accounts from Manager Console at once
  • Option to apply Default User Settings for all users
  • Configurable option for GM authentication on wMobile Manager Console
  • wDiagnostic is now placed in a compressed file that can be emailed if ports don’t permit the SEND function.

What’s New in wMobile Phone Edition

  • Phone2 and Phone3 fields added to Pending and History activity detail.

What’s New in wMobile Desktop Edition

Duplicate Criteria

  • New settings in Manager Console | System Settings to set duplicate criteria


  • The Lookup.ini is now applied on new or cloned contacts

Record typing Improvement

  • wMobile will also support a default record type.

Export Email Accounts

  • We can now export all email accounts at once instead of one at a time. This is helpful to export email accounts when migrating wMobile to a new server, so they can be imported when wMobile is reinstalled on the new server.

Default User Settings

  • Individual settings can now be applied to all users.

Login for wMobile Manager Console

  • In the past, the Manager Console always required GoldMine authentication, meaning that you must log in with a GoldMine username and password. This requirement can now be configured in the System Settings, to allow login without the GoldMine username and password.


  • wDiagnostic is now placed in a compressed file that can be emailed if ports don’t permit the SEND function.


  • KnowledgeBase was added to Desktop Edition in March (including localization for Spanish users)

  • It has the same options as in GoldMine to add new Books, Folders, and Topics.

  • If a topic has an attached document, you’ll see an Open Attachment button in the  toolbar to launch it.

New Additional Contact

  • There’s a new option “New with Primary Data” that will copy the address info from the primary contact.

Email linked documents

  • You can now email a document right from the Linked Docs tab.

Dupe-check added when saving cloned contact

  • On saving a cloned contact, there’s a duplicate check, based on configured criteria.

What’s Fixed in wMobile Desktop Edition

  • Problem editing long email addresses or where the contact is blank.
  • KnowledgeBase threw error if any of the titles had quotes in the name
  • Oops error on editing activity scheduled for multiple users.
  • Enter/Carriage return key not effective for selecting lookup values in Desktop
  • Date fields couldn’t be edited properly in Desktop
  • Add contact option in Desktop Email Center had contact and email address swapped

Tech Tip

  • Displaying custom field views in wMobile Desktop can be set by individual or globally. If a new screen is added to GoldMine, the user can go into Tools | Options to display it.
  • It’s also possible for a master level user to set a default and then it can be applied to all users in the wMobile Manager Console.


  • Support for  Projects (May)
  • Support for Recurring Activities (May)
  • Support for Scheduled Activity Notifications (May)
  • Support for Referral Relationships (June)
  • Next wMobile User Group – June 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST

wMobile Open Questions & Answers

Is it possible to label the phone numbers as “Cell”, “Office” or “Direct” instead of “Phone”, “Phone 2” and “Phone 3”?

This is related to the screenshot that we showed earlier in our webinar for wMobile Phone Edition. This feature is coming soon so you will have the ability to change the labeling of the “Phone” fields to better suit your needs.


Our next meeting will highlight: Using the SQL Manager

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