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wMobile User Group: Configuring Notification Services

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on December 18, 2015

11 minute read

On December 16th, we had our wMobile User Group Meeting focused on the topic: Configuring Notification. Our first meeting of 2016 will be on February 24th, which will highlight the topic “Customizing the wMobile Phone Home Menu”.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Below is the video recording, general notes, Speaker Deck presentation as well as the questions & answers. 

Still have questions about wMobile? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!

Our next meeting will highlight: Customizing the wMobile Phone Home Menu


  • Review of Existing Resources
  • Features and fixes in wMobile
  • Configuring Notification Services
  • Roadmap
  • Open Q&A

Slide Deck

Existing wMobile Resources

wMobile Updates

  • Posted on wMobile Product Page
  • Included in bi-monthly newsletter
  • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release
  • You must be on maintenance to update

What’s New in wMobile?

  • New logo!
  • Notification support for activity alarms via SMS/Text messages
  • Digital signature renewed on installer/updater
  • Added user to logging
  • Addition of Access logs in Mgr Console
  • Addition of Resource Manager to add translated values for other languages
  • Improvements to Diagnostics tool
  • Fix: Field based 'Record Type Rule' is not parsed correctly in some circumstances
  • Fix: Completed activity series do not sync correctly between GoldMine systems
  • Fix: When using 'Select Linked Doc Folder Paths' the selected user is now taken into account.  

What’s new in wMobile Phone?

  • New Phone Lookups
  • Added browse capability to attach photos
  • Activities with Priority (instead of time) did not show in wM Phone Calendar
  • When using email templates residing on a mapped drive or UNC path, wMobile ran into an 'Access Denied...' error

What’s new in wMobile Desktop?

  • Support for phone search without parentheses
  • Ability for admin to set contact tabs from Manager Console
  • Added ‘About’ option on menu
  • Manager Lookup list selection fixed in Project list
  • Filtering using IS NOT EMPTY is fixed
  • Added ability to sort alarms in wMobileDesktop alarm list
  • Addition of Resource Manager to add translated values for other languages

Feature Topic: Notification Services

The topic selected in last month’s poll was Configuring Notification Services. The Notification Service was added toward the end of the summer. We started with email notifications, and have now added support for activity notifications via SMS/Text.

wMobile Manager Console

  • To configure the Notification Services, open the wMobile Manager Console and select Notification Services.


  • The Notification Service currently has 10 rules that can be enabled. Clicking on one will show the description in the bottom of the panel.
  • Individual rules can be checked (enabled) or unchecked (disabled).
  • These rules were created to be able to support activity alarms, GoldMine RSVP functionality, and notification on new scheduled activities.
  • You’ll notice separate rules for a single activity vs. an activity that is part of a series. GoldMine stores these differently, so separate rules are required to support these cases.


  • Create a new activity and demonstrate alarms.


  • In order for the alarms to be sent, the monitor must be enabled.
  • Select Save in the Actions panel on the right to preserve a change to this setting.
  • The wMobile Email Fetcher Service will need to be restarted for the change to take effect.
  • The Notification Service is part of the wMobile Email Fetcher Service.

Email Settings

  • In order for emails to be sent, an email account must be configured for use.

SMS Settings

  • In order for SMS text messages to be sent, SMS settings must be entered.


  • Initially, wMobile has been configured to use Twilio, but can be adjusted if you use a different SMS service. Please let us know what service you’re using.
  • The settings in the previous screenshot can be obtained by creating a Twilio evaluation account at www.twilio.com. If you decide to use Twilio going forward you’ll probably want to upgrade your account so you aren’t restricted by limits on evaluation accounts.
  • Users that will be receiving texts from wMobile will need their phone numbers added in Twilio as ‘Verified Caller IDs’.

Twilio Settings

User Phone Numbers

  • User phone numbers must also be entered in Tools | Options under the Personal section.
  • We’ll be adding a method for the Admin to add these in the wMobile Manager console in the Users Options.

Online References

wMobile Open Questions & Answers

  1. Q: There are 8 or 9 conditions that would generate a notification e-mail, but just one condition that would generate a notification text.  Will you be adding other conditions that trigger SMS to mirror the e-mail notification conditions?
    A: Yes, we will be mirroring the e-mail notification conditions. This addition is slated for January 2016

Topics for Next User Group

  • Customizing the wMobile Phone Home Menu
  • Email auto-filing with the wMobile Email Fetcher Service
  • Customizing the wMobile logo
  • Troubleshooting email accounts in the wMobile Manager Console
  • Using Crystal Reports in wMobile


  • UI Notifications (January)
  • Support for Referral Relationships (February)
  • Email Review (March)
  • Next wMobile User Group – February 24th at 2:00 PM EST