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wMobile Phone Date and Time Selection

by Lynn Catterson on July 5, 2016

2 minute read

Take a look at the wMobile phone new date selection mechanism. The old date/time selection looked like the image below.

The new date and time selection is more in line with date and time selections in other mobile applications. The date selection allows easy scrolling through the month, day, and year options for faster selection. On scheduling activities, the date and time selections default to the current date and closest time to the current time.

The time selection also offers easy scrolling through hour, minute and AM/PM options.

The duration selections are in five-minute intervals.

These date controls also apply not only to activity dates but also to custom field dates. When you edit blank custom field dates, the date will default to the current date. If there was already a date filled in, there’s a ‘Today’ button for easy selection of the current date. Otherwise, you can select the appropriate month/day/year values.

This blog post applies to wMobile build and above.