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wMobile Manager Console: Copy Email Accounts

by Fred Block on May 20, 2013

3 minute read

If you're an administrator and you are faced with adding many new email accounts into wMobile, the process is now easier in wMobile 3.0!

Please make a note of our web-based wMobile Users' Guide located at this URL:

Using the wMobile Manager Console to maintain email accounts you can duplicate existing email accounts and simply change the necessary data to create a new email account. This may make adding a new email account a matter of changing only a few fields containing a specific user's email credentials.

Here are the steps:
1. In Manager Console's wMobile Explorer, navigate to: wMobile > Email Fetcher > Email Accounts.
2. Click on the Email Accounts node to display the existing email account
3. Select the email account you want to duplicate by clicking on it.
4. On the toolbar, click the Copy button or press . This will open the Duplicate Email Account dialog.
5. Make the appropriate changes to the existing data for the new email account and click the Save button.