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wMobile Knowledge Base

by Bogdan Ioan Botea on April 15, 2015

10 minute read

Knowledge Base provides a resource for maintaining any type of information useful to an organization or an individual.


The Knowledge Base has two components, a public Knowledge Base and a personal Base. The public base contains general information relevant to staff and clients and can contain information like company rules, product prices and any other general things. The personal base contains information for the individual user and can contain personal notes, special personal events or any other type of personal information. Both bases are structurally the same and operate in the same way. The reading and writing access are determined by users with master access.


The graphic interface is structured into two sections, left side that contains the Knowledge Base tree functionality (marked as 1 in the image) or the search base functionality (marked as 2 in image) and the right side that contains the items content (marked as 3 in the image) and the view changer of note (marked as 4 in the image).

How to use Knowledge Base

Adding Items

Adding a Book to a Base

Adding a book can be done in two ways. The first way requires to click ‘Add’ -> ‘New Book’ (first image) or the second way is to right click the base wanted for the book to be placed in and select ‘Add’ -> ‘Book’ (second image). A window will appear in which the user must fill in the title for the book.

Adding a folder to a book

Adding a folder can be done after the book was created. Select the book and click ‘Add’ -> ‘New Folder’ (first image) or right click the book under which the folder will be located, select ‘Add’ -> ‘Folder’ (second image). A window will appear in which the user must fill in the title for the folder.

Note: The user must select a book or a folder in order to insert a new folder. If the user doesn’t select one a notification popup will appear.

Important: The structure of the tree permits only 4 subfolders (parent-child relation)


Adding a topic

A topic can be added into a book or into a folder in the tree. Adding a topic can be done by selecting a book or a folder and accessing the ‘Add’ -> ‘New Topic’ (first image) or by right clicking the item and choosing ‘Add’ -> ‘Topic’ (second image).

Manage Content of an Item

Adding content to an item

After creating items the user can insert content and use functions like in Word (first image).

Basic functionality of toolbar buttons: (left to right)

  1. Save = Save the content
  2. Print = Print the current content
  3. Undo = Make a step backward in typing
  4. Redo = Make a step forward in typing
  5. Open attachment = Opens the attachment of the item
  6. Cut = Transfer text
  7. Copy = Transfer text
  8. Paste = Transfer text
  9. Bold = Make a strong font weight
  10. Italic = Italic font style
  11. Left – Center – Right - None = Horizontal alignment of content
  12. Font Name = Font name that is used for content
  13. Font Size = Font size that is used for content

Manage Content to an Item

An item content can be in one of the following 3 states: edit mode, HTML mode or view mode. The first mode allows to the users to write text in the content area. The second mode allows to see the content as HTML or the user can paste HTML from websites or any other content sources and transform to text. The last only allows the user to view the content.

Edit an Item

Edit a Book or a Folder

A book or folder can be edited by right clicking and choosing ‘Edit’. After that a window will appear and details of the book / folder will show (name, files attached and access).

Edit a Topic

A topic can be edited by right clicking and choosing ‘Edit’. After that a window will appear and details of the topic will show (name, keywords, files attached and access).

File Attachment

Steps to add an attachment to a book, folder or topic :

  1. Select the book, folder or topic
  2. Access ‘Edit’ and a window will appear
  3. Select the ‘Attach File’ tab
  4. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the file
  5. Click ‘Ok’ and wait until the upload is finished

Search for an Item

An item can be found using the ‘Search’ feature. The search tool will look up in the name and content of each Knowledge Base item. The best matches gain a higher ranking and the ranking decreases as the matching is less accurate.

In order to search, the user will enter a search query and will click the ‘Search’ button. The items that match the search query will be listed in the result grid ordered by ranking. Then the user can select one and view or change the content.



Given the storage and search facilities, the Knowledge Base is a useful tool for any organization. If you have any additional questions about Knowledge Base leave us a comment or send us an email at support@w-systems.com