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New in wMobile for GoldMine: Activity Metrics!

by Adela Barzaneanu on October 28, 2019

5 minute read

Starting Fall '19, wMobile Desktop for GoldMine includes a new functionality on Activities: Metrics. These metrics contain modern graphs and charts which can be selected on time intervals, for pending activities and history activities.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Pending and History Activity Metrics Dashboard

The metrics are found in the ‘Activities’ tab, click on the dropdown list, choose Metrics > Pending Activities or History Activities.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Access Metrics for Pending or History Activities.

Pending Activities metrics include three areas. The first graph represents the Pending Activities Count and, by default, all types of activities from that day (Today) are displayed. The user can choose which period of time they want to include in the graph from the checkboxes included in the menu above this graph.

If you don't want to view an activity type, you on it to temporarily deselect it.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Pending Activities Count

The second area displays the This Year Sales Amount chart. This chart represents the forecasted sales and their projected amounts, using a month interval.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Current Year Sales Chart

In the last area, we find the donut (mmm, chocolate donuts 🤤) charts that represent all activity types. These are split into four Quarters, which represent the four quarters of a year. By default, all types of activities are displayed. You can also deselect a type by clicking on it. 

For example, if you want to display in the Current Quarter, the appointments and calls, you can click on Events, Others, Sales and Next actions. These will get disabled and will be shown in gray.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Current Quarter Activities Donut Chart

The legend of colors described on the right side of the donut helps the user identify each type of activity. If you click on the color assigned to Calls, the Details drilldown tab is opened with all call activities. In this tab, you can also complete, edit or delete an activity.

After each action, the charts will be reloaded. The Delete action respects GoldMine record deletion permissions.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Activity Metrics Settings

In the metrics menu from above, we will find 3 more buttons/dropdown lists.

The activities graphs can be filtered by date ( the Activity Date, Created Date and Modified Date) and these filters affect the graphs for the Pending Activities Count and for donut charts.

Also, the user can be selected for whom the graphs will be displayed.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Activity Metrics Filters

Each chart can be exported in PDF format.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Export Activity Metrics Charts as PDF

The History Activities Metrics display the same types of charts with the same functionalities.

wMobile for GoldMine CRM - Past Activity Metrics

The only difference is on the This Year Sales Amount chart, where the user finds the completed sales which include completed and lost sales. The sales type (closed or lost) can be displayed or disabled by clicking on it.

With the new metrics on activities, the user will have a better view of activities from the pending and completed lists.

We hope you will enjoy these new features on Activities and for more details don't hesitate to contact us!

This blog post is applicable to wMobile for GoldMine and above.

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