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wMobile Desktop on iPad

by Lynn Catterson on November 26, 2014

4 minute read

We are happy to announce that iPad users are now able to use wMobile Desktop on their iPads on wMobile 3.1. The larger screen and ease of use with the touch screen have made these a popular alternative to full laptops. Initial testing has been done on iPads and testing has begun on Android tablets. We’ve strived to make the wMobile products independent of any particular device, browser, or operating system, so in time you should be able to use wMobile Desktop on any tablet.

The advantage of using the Desktop Edition rather than the Phone Edition on an iPad, is that you can view the GoldMine layout much as it appears in GoldMine itself. You can see all the contact tabs such as Additional contacts, Pending, History etc.

You can use your finger or a stylus on the touchscreen to select the menus and enter data as you would any other application on an iPad.

There is nothing to be installed on the iPad (or any device where you access wMobile.) All you need is an internet connection and the proper web address for your company’s wMobile. You use the same username and password to log in that you do for GoldMine.

There is a “theme” that controls the wMobile Desktop appearance such as the color. When an iPad or tablet operating system is detected, the Tablet theme is used. The setting can be found by selecting Tools | Options and expanding the Display section. The default tablet theme is MetroTouch, which has been optimized for wMobile Desktop.

When using wMobile, any customer information that you update will be available for your co-workers to see immediately. Vice versa, any information updated by your team will be visible immediately to you. There’s no synchronization, wMobile accesses your live GoldMine database.

We hope this will give you one more convenient way to update your customers and prospects, view your calendar, and log activities while on the go!

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