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wMobile AddIns for Phone and Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on June 23, 2015

6 minute read

Both wMobile Phone and Desktop have AddIn components. Some AddIns are for GoldMine functionality, but we are also able to extend GoldMine and wMobile functionality with customized AddIns. Some customers have requested and purchased custom AddIns for specific functionality.

An AddIn can:

  • Add or change User interface elements(screens, menu items, toolbar items, pads, contact tabs)
  • Add User Options and System Settings. Some options will appear in User Options only if an Addin is enabled.
  • Extend functionality or override existing functionality (this has been done for specific customer AddIns.)

Some examples of the AddIns for GoldMine functionality would be Service Cases, Opportunities, and the KnowledgeBase. These AddIns can be turned on and off in the wMobile Manager Console. No customer uses ALL the features of GoldMine or wMobile, and it’s easier for end-users if unused items aren’t displayed. All of the built-in AddIns are enabled by default.

Open the wMobile Manager Console to make adjustments to AddIns for wMobile Phone and Desktop. Select the component in the wMobile Explorer Pane and select AddIns Configuration. We’ll start with Phone.

There are only 2 built-in AddIns for Phone Edition: Cases and Reporting. (If you have a custom AddIn provided by W-Systems, you’ll see it in this list as well.)  If you don’t use the GoldMine Service Cases component, you might want to disable the Cases AddIn by unchecking it as shown below in yellow. Click Save to preserve this change.

You’ll be prompted to restart Phone. Click OK to proceed. 

When your end users next log into wMobile, items related to Cases in Phone Edition, such as the option to create a New Case will no longer be displayed.

wMobile Desktop has more AddIns than Phone Edition. To view these, select Desktop in the wMobile Explorer Pane and select AddIns Configuration.

If any of these features are not used, the AddIns can be disabled by unchecking the item. (If you have a custom AddIn provided by W-Systems, you’ll see it in this list as well.)  Following the previous example, let’s say your company doesn’t use Service Cases.  We’ll want to disable this functionality and remove the Cases item from the toolbar. Uncheck it in the list of AddIns. When you have made your changes click Save.

As before, you’ll be prompted to restart Desktop.

Note: Restarts of Phone or Desktop will cause users to be forced back to the login page.

When users log back into Desktop, the AddIns that were removed will no longer be visible in wMobile Desktop.

The menu item will be gone from the toolbar.

The option to display the tab will be gone from User settings.

The tab will be removed, if it was previously displayed.

Some of you with sharp eyes will notice Projects in the list of Addins. Support for projects is new and is still in beta-testing as of the writing of this article (June 2015) and should be included in the next public release.

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