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wMobile for GoldMine 2015 Recap, Year in Review

by Lynn Catterson on December 22, 2015

8 minute read

Thank you all for your continued interest and support of wMobile. We keep trying to improve wMobile Phone and Desktop Editions for ease of use and to add functionality. Here are some of the highlights from 2015.

There is now an improved interface in wMobile Phone. New lookup list selection makes it easier to select values from the list and continue with entering or updating information.

Phone2 and Phone3 were added to the display of Pending and History activity details, so users have less navigating to do to see all the contact phone numbers. A subsequent change was made, so the customized phone labels from the previously viewed record are used rather than ‘Phone1,’ ‘Phone2,’ and ‘Phone3.’

Phone formatting has been improved so users can enter phone numbers without entering parentheses and dashes.

An option to browse for photos was added to email in wMobile Phone.

Support was added for recurring activities in both Phone and Desktop Editions.

Edits can be made on recurring events if wMobile is accessing GoldMine Premium version 9.0 or above.

There have been improvements in supporting Record types, particularly when creating new contacts in wMobile. Record type rules are supported, as well as default record types. wMobile will support the rules as defined in GoldMine.

Support for Activity Notifications was added in Q3. wMobile can now be configured to send email notifications for alarmed activities when a new activity is scheduled or updated, or when an activity is completed, that was marked for RSVP. Activity alarms can also be sent via SMS text. Additional conditions for SMS texts will be added in early 2016.

Some changes were made in Desktop to improve the user’s experience including:

  • An option added to swap primary and secondary contacts. This is a function that existed in GoldMine, that customers now appreciate being able to use in wMobile Desktop as well.
  • A problem was fixed where the Enter/’carriage return’ key was not effective for selecting lookup values.
  • An issue was fixed in wMobile Desktop on iPads where an extended touch was required instead of the standard tap.
  • A user can send a linked document by email from the Linked Docs tab in Desktop.
  • An option was added to create a new additional contact and copy the address information from the primary contact.
  • An option was added to Copy Contact Details to clipboard.
  • An issue was fixed where the first email in the list was always checked, causing people to inadvertently delete that first email when processing checked emails.
  • The option to link emails to cases and opportunities was added.
  • Support for the KnowledgeBase was added.
  • Support for Projects was added.

We have also tried to improve administration and detecting when there are problems. Administrators have new options to apply default settings to all users. We’ve added more criteria to the wDiagnostic tool to identify missing components or incorrect settings. The diagnostic is now placed in a compressed file that can be emailed to W-Systems Support if your firewall port blocks were sending off the diagnostic directly. There have been improvements to logging to aid in troubleshooting when you do have a problem.

Improved detection methods have been added to identify duplicate contacts. There are now configuration choices for just company or contact or both.

Blank values can be ignored which might be applicable if some of your customers are individuals. A blank company field should not be detected as a duplicate.

An option was added in the Manager Console to export ALL email accounts. This is helpful when migrating wMobile from one server to another. Most of the settings change when wMobile is installed on a new server, but being able to reimport all the email settings is a big time saver!

We hope that all these changes will make this product better for our customers. We look forward to another year of improvements in 2016! Please let us know if there’s a feature you’ve been waiting for!