wMobile 2014 Recap, Year in Review

by Lynn Catterson on December 31, 2014

We've had a busy and productive year working on wMobile. Some of the more recent additions to wMobile include support for record alerts in Phone and Desktop Editions, Document merge and support for SQL queries in Desktop addition, and, of course, being able to use Desktop Edition on iPads and tablets. In addition to these, we'd like to review some of the other highlights from earlier in the year.

Enhancements in the wMobile Manager Console

The Virtual File System (VFS) for document access was introduced. This provides an easier visual method to add locations where documents might be stored and to add credentials for document access. This component has an option to Test Path or Test All Paths to test the credentials for file access.

Virtual File System (VFS) for document access

An administrator can access all email accounts in the Manager Console. It’s easier to add, update, or clone email accounts without needing to log into wMobile phone or desktop as the user to make changes or test an account. The option to export email account settings for an account was also added for ease of migrating email account settings when wMobile is moved to a new server.

The option to export email account settings

An administrator can set Default User Settings and System Settings from the Manager Console.

Set Default User Settings and System Settings from the Manager Console

For example, components that are not used in GoldMine can be removed from view to simplify the interface. No customer uses all of GoldMine’s feature sets! 

Removed components that are not used in GoldMine

Log analyzer options were added to the Manager Console for each component. The display is easier to see, and there are options to filter for specific levels of logging. We can filter on “Error” to see only errors in the log (or that there aren’t any errors in the log!)  There’s an option to

Search the log for specific text as well for troubleshooting when there is a problem.

Search the log for specific text

The options on the server Start menu to run wMobile Updates and access the Manager Console were moved out of the wMobile Phone Edition folder. When we first started, there was only the Phone Edition. But now it no longer makes sense to have the update and Manager Console options embedded in the Phone Edition folder. They’re now in the W-Systems folder at the same level as Phone and Desktop so they are easier to locate.

Easy to Locate options

Hyperlinks were added to the Phone Edition calendar for Company and Contact. (Either or both might be displayed depending on user preferences.)  Clicking on the company or contact link navigates directly to the contact record.

Hyperlinks Added

An option was added to change language from English to Spanish for individual users. The setting applies to both applications, but can be set in the users Options/Preferences in either application (Desktop or Phone edition).

Change language from English to Spanish

The  Agenda view was added in the wMobile Desktop calendar to see your schedule at a glance, omitting blank timeslots.

View the Agenda in the wMobile Desktop Calendar

We look forward to more productive changes and additions in 2015!

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