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Why We Chose SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on May 2, 2013

4 minute read

When W-Systems first got started we were a consulting firm. By “we” I mean our VP of Technology and Products Bill Harrison. Bill had done some work in and around CRM systems during consulting projects and was familiar with the major players in the CRM marketplace. He saw an opportunity in a quickly growing company called SugarCRM. When Bill hired Eric Wikman, W-Systems’s second employee, the company began to truly take shape as “experts in customer relationship management” (W-Systems’ first tagline).

The goal of the company was to build something greater than ourselves and to help companies be successful through the tools and technology we equipped them with. As the engineering team grew, a decision had to be made. Who are we, what projects do we want to work on, and what do we want to claim expertise in? After evaluating the major CRM products on the market, W-Systems was confident that SugarCRM was the right solution to build engineering expertise around and to recommend for our clients. So why Sugar?

1) Flexibility

From a technical standpoint, it is a lot easier to work on Sugar because it is open source. If a customer needs something customized, our team can modify the core code of the application so that the end result is exactly what they need. Our engineers are better able to focus on the business solution knowing that the technical design would always be possible. We never have to tell a customer to change their business process to work with SugarCRM. The application can work the way the company needs it to.

Our engineering team enjoys this flexibility because it allows them to be creative with anything from modifications to the user interface to complex SugarCRM integrations with third-party applications.

2) Deployment Options

With Sugar, companies have the option to host with Sugar OnDemand, in-house, or with a third party hosting provider, such as W-Systems’ SugarCRM hosting platform. The freedom to store your data anywhere is a huge advantage to companies. The data is yours, so why would you be forced to pay to get your data out of the CRM or be forced to pay more if your database size grew? Also, it gives companies the freedom to run the application on a hosting platform of their choosing to give them the security and speed their business demands.

3) Price

SugarCRM is priced lower than competing CRMs on the market. Not only is the price of Sugar lower to start, but users also won’t get hit with additional fees as the company grows. For instance, with Salesforce.com, a company might start out at a reasonable price, but if they grow beyond 5 users, the price jumps 160%. Then if you ever decided to integrate Salesforce with any of your other business applications, you would have to jump to the Enterprise edition, which is $125/user/month! Yikes!

4) Scalability

Because SugarCRM is so flexible and is at a lower price point, it can easily scale with your business. This is a major benefit to our customers. They are able to implement a CRM solution that fits their budget and immediate business needs. As they grow, they can easily integrate or customize the application to fit their changing business, while maintaining their license rate per user. With Sugar, they are able to grow their business using the same licensed edition that they started with.

Consulting is in our roots and ingrained in the way we sell and do business. As a company, we knew we wanted to recommend a product that not only delivered value and benefit to the business but was affordable and scaled with the company. To learn more about SugarCRM and how it can benefit your business, contact us today!