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Web Site Chat Tools that Integrate with Sugar

by Christian Wettre on May 13, 2013

8 minute read

We are often asked about which web site chat tools integrate to SugarCRM. This class of tools make your website interactive and encourages a site visitor to request a live web chat session to engage with your staff.  Integrations to SugarCRM involve the ability to create new leads or contacts from the chat session, the ability to save the chat transcript to the contacts activity history or to create a new customer service case from the chat session.

Adding such a tool to your website is surprisingly simple.  Usually it involves adding a few lines of script code to your web pages.

There are several such tools that integrate to SugarCRM and we contacted representatives from some of the most commonly used ones and asked them to give us a few comments about their products and SugarCRM.

1) Userlike

We spoke with Pascal van Opzeeland, the Marketing Manager at Userlike:

What makes Userlike unique?

Userlike is built on three building blocks: functionality, design, and ease of use. We do everything to make it a joy to work with our software. This is reflected not only in our chat widget, but also in the clean and orderly backend area.

How does your tool specifically help SugarCRM Users?

SugarCRM is a great software solution to manage your sales, marketing, and support efforts. Userlike live chat can also fulfill a sales, marketing, and/or support function. We created the integration so that SugarCRM users can easily keep track of their live chat interactions in one place. By sending the chat documentation to SugarCRM during or after the chat, a case is created with the chat documentation and contact info. We primarily use the SugarCRM integration to follow up on interesting leads.

Do you have a favorite feature of SugarCRM?

The email templates. These allow you to very easily do standard follow ups to chat conversations and offline messages.

2) LiveChat

We spoke with Błażej Szperliński, the Head of Support and Communication Management at LiveChat:

What makes LiveChat unique?

We approach CRM integrations with emphasis on simplicity. Most customers heavily customize their SugarCRM integration. Converting new chats into cases should never affect the way users have their favorite CRM set up. LiveChat displays a SugarCRM button during conversations. Agents can click it to instantly create a new entry within the CRM and, from that point on, edit, reassign and adapt to their own unique operations. The unique advantage here is that the entire operation is just one, plain click of a button.

How does your tool specifically help SugarCRM Users?

In this context, LiveChat serves primarily as a lead generation tool which can quickly build a big account database within SugarCRM. This is invaluable for sales and knowledge management processes. Using both systems painlessly ties into day-to-day operations, since all it requires is one click.

Do you have a favorite feature of SugarCRM?

It's great to have a broad range of customization capabilities - even if they're not used to their full potential. The way SugarCRM is set up works well right after implementation and this flexibility is just great to have.

3) Velaro

We spoke with Jeff Mason, Vice President of Marketing:

What makes Velaro unique?

I think you always do better integrating best of breed applications – if they have the ability to be integrated seamlessly.  This is why I would select to use a best of breed live chat solution like Velaro with a best of breed CRM application like SugarCRM.  Each is a full featured, expert in their niche.  Bringing them together seamlessly provides the most complete and comprehensive combination.

How does your tool specifically help SugarCRM Users?

Because of our seamless integration you can consolidate records and the chat agent is able to interact with the CRM system—bi-directionally—from within the chat agent interface.  This allows the chat agent to better serve those they are chatting with, because they have access to past information about the client or prospect which is stored in Sugar.  They can also be more efficient at creating new sales opportunities by saving chat transcripts and pre-chat survey responses, and then directing them into Sugar from the chat agent interface.

Do you have a favorite feature of SugarCRM?

Probably it's extensibility.

Visit the SugarExchange for more information about applications that integrate with Sugar.

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