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Web-Based Text Message Integration for SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on August 21, 2014

3 minute read

You can now send text messages from your web browser and archive them in SugarCRM.

CRM systems are often associated with sales and opportunity management. However, SugarCRM’s application can be tailored to work with departments outside of sales and can also be a great tool for non-profit organizations that don’t have a traditional sales process.

One of W-Systems’s non-profit customers is an adoption agency. They use Sugar, hosted on W-Systems’s HIPAA compliant servers, to manage applications and families looking to adopt. Some of our customer’s Sugar users are caseworkers who work directly with expecting mothers.

Our customer needed a way for their caseworkers to send text messages to the mothers but needed the phone number to be anonymous. They also didn’t want the message history stored within each case worker’s text message app on their cell phone and instead needed to archive all of the message history in Sugar.

To meet both of these requirements, W-Systems-integrated Twilio with our customer’s Sugar system to power the web-based SMS messaging. Each caseworker has a designated Twilio number to send and receive text messages. Each text message is instantly archived as a Note in a custom SMS module in Sugar. Each Note has a relationship between the caseworker (Assign User) and the mother (Contact/People).

Send Text Messages from a Web Application SMS Messaging

The other major requirement was that the caseworker needed to be able to anonymously send text messages from a web application and not through a cell phone’s traditional text message app. W-Systems built a custom web interface that displays the SMS messages from each mother. The caseworker has accessed the web page from their mobile phone’s browser and their computer browser to send and receive text messages. The page has the same interface that you would expect to see in an SMS app on your phone. W-Systems used a framework that enables the messages to come through in real time without needing to hit refresh, which gives the user the same experience they would have if sending a traditional SMS message on a phone app. There is a phone icon in the upper right of the browser window to enable click to call. When the icon is selected, it will first ring to the caseworker's phone, then it will bridge to the contact's phone via the web browser. The caseworker can also accept an incoming call within the app.

From the web application, the caseworker has a list view of the different contacts. When they click through one of the contacts, it pulls up the conversation history with that contact as it would if you click through to the message history in your text message app on your cell phone.

 Conversation History

With this integration, the caseworkers are able to easily manage multiple text message conversations at one time while archiving each message to the Contact’s record in Sugar. For more information about SMS text message integrations with SugarCRM, contact us today!