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wDrive: Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on August 7, 2018

3 minute read

We recently released a product called wDrive, a storage solution for Sugar. wDrive allows you to integrate your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts with Sugar. Keep reading to learn about all of wDrive’s features.

Document Storage

With wDrive, you now have the ability to store and access documents without ever leaving Sugar. A new dashlet in Sugar can be added to your home Dashboard or the side panel. From this dashlet, you can see directly into your related document storage account. The documents within the dashlet stay synced in real-time, so you’ll always have access to up to date documents.

You can upload new documents by dragging and dropping a file from your computer, or by clicking on the up arrow symbol in the top right corner to browse and select a file.

One benefit of wDrive is that it uses your document storage platform to store files rather than Sugar itself. This can help keep your CRM speeds up and avoid filling up your data storage space.

Create Documents

If you are using Google Docs, you can use the paper symbol at the top right corner to create a new document. The new document can be completely blank or from an existing Google Docs template.

For all three document storage platforms (Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive) you can create new documents with W-Systems’s document automation tool called wDocs. wDocs is a tool that quickly creates templates that can be used to merge information from Sugar into presentation-quality documents, including account profiles, casework orders, contracts, mailing labels, and more. Once you use wDocs to create new files, you can store them in Sugar easily (without taking up space by storing them in Sugar) by placing them in wDrive.

Folder Features

By clicking on the circle with the plus symbol in the top right corner, you can create and name new folders. This allows you to modify your folder structure without ever leaving Sugar.

Share Documents

You can also share documents within Sugar using wDrive. You can either generate a sharing link to send to someone using your method of choice, or you can enter the email address of the person you’d like to share the file with and wDrive will email them on your behalf.

Integrations such as this one are important because the user adoption of your CRM is driven by its value. If users can log into your CRM to access information from many systems, they are more likely to perceive the system to be valuable and easy to use. To learn more about this integration, watch the video below.

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