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wCalendar Use Case: Marketing Calendar (Part II)

by Paul Scondac on February 27, 2018

3 minute read

In Part I of our wCalendar use case, we detailed how to create custom modules in Sugar. The second part will cover importing records to Sugar and configuring wCalendar to display our marketing activity.

Importing Records

Once we’ve added the Marketing Events module, it is time to add our marketing activity as individual records. Instead of manually adding records one by one, we will import a .csv file containing entries for every piece of W-Systems marketing content: past, present and upcoming.

To proceed, we need to click on the down-arrow button next to Marketing Events in the Navigation Bar and select Download Import File Template (a .csv file).

The next step will be somewhat time-consuming the first time performed, as we have to manually add all of our past marketing activity in the .csv file, including dates the type of content and the URL:

Now, using Sugar’s Import Wizard, we uploaded the spreadsheet back in the Marketing Events module, while making sure all information is getting correctly appended.

Configuring wCalendar

Now that we’ve got hundreds of records in the Marketing Events module, we need to configure wCalendar. From Administration, go to wCalendarSettings.

To add an event, click the Add button, select the module you want to add wCalendar to from the dropdown, and click Add.

Then, selecting Marketing Events from the list of modules on the left, we clicked the left Add button again to begin adding wCalendar events.

From the Module dropdown, we selected Marketing Events. Then, we used the Event Type dropdown values as filters for each event: Blog Post, Newsletter, etc.

In wCalendar, to filter events based on a field’s value, we’ll need to write field name = ‘value', so in this case, event_type_c = ‘BlogPost'. Note that when the field type is DropDown, the field value is supposed to have the value's Item Name, and NOT its Display Label. The Item Name can be found in Studio → Module → Fields.

To be able to tell apart the Marketing Events records in wCalendar, we’ve selected different colors for each event type, so in this case, blog posts will appear as green.

If you need more details on how to configure wCalendar for your specific use case, you can also reference our previous blog post.

Once we’ve configured events for our marketing content types, we can view all of our past and upcoming pieces of content in an easy-to-follow manner: either by going to the Calendar tab in the Record View or by adding a wCalendar dashlet.

We hope you’ll find this blog post useful when setting up wCalendar in your Sugar instance. For more information on our calendar solution for Sugar, you can watch our video demo or reach out to us for assistance.

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