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wBenchmark: Time Series KPIs in Sugar

by Paul Scondac & Oana Iovan on April 3, 2018

4 minute read

As a top SugarCRM Implementation Partner, we are often asked how to measure historical performance over time. Sugar is great as capturing present information, or how many opportunities were created in a time period, but it gets complicated if you want to get more specific data, such as the number of opened opportunities in the past, during a certain time period.

We would like to introduce wBenchmark, our Business Intelligence solution for Sugar.

wBenchmark enables Sugar users to define their key performance indicators (KPIs), to capture them over time, and to display KPIs in charts that can be added to your dashboards. Information can be captured from any standard or custom modules, from any time period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) in your Sugar instance.

Common wBenchmark Use Cases

Sales Pipeline KPIs - View your sales forecast depending for users, teams or products.

Sales Lead Responses - See how quick a salesperson or sales team reply to lead inquiries.

Account Management KPIs - Display how many customers your team has had quarterly reviews with on time, how your customer interactions have performed, and how these factors compare over time.

Customer Service KPIs - Get an overview of how long it takes to reply and solve cases.

Using wBenchmark

While Sugar end users are able to set up wBenchmark KPI definitions and goals, you will need Admin access, or have your Sugar Administrator build the module where the metrics records will be created.

After the wBenchmark package for Sugar has been installed, go to AdministrationModule Builder and create a new package that includes a type wBenchmarkTarget module. This module type is provided by wBenchmark and is used to store the add-on’s records.

In this module, you will need to add numeric type fields (integer, currency, float, decimal) in order to store your KPIs.

After the Metrics module has been added to your Sugar instance, the next step will be to define the metrics you want to capture.

From the wBenchmark module (accessible from the Navigation Bar), you can create sets of metric definitions in order to capture KPIs. For each set created, you have a General tab, where you configure settings that apply to the whole set, such as the type of calculated metrics (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and whether to calculate these metrics individually or for the entire team).


In the Metric Definition tab, you can define your KPIs for the module where you wish to apply them. Note that you are able to create as many definitions as the number of numeric fields that you added to the Target Module (wBenchmarkTarget type module).

After you have created your definitions, you will have to create goals. These can be created for individual users, teams, or all users in Sugar. Goals can be defined for any recurring time period, and can vary at different times in the year (such as having smaller goal values during a holiday season).

Displaying Metrics

With wBenchmark, you have two ways of viewing your KPIs:

  • Leaderboard Visualization. Our add-on includes a new chart type, used to see a team’s relative performance on a specific KPI. This chart can be used to track a goal progress, or to compare against an average.

  • Time Series Visualization. The Time Series chart (included in the wBenchmark package) can be used to display your KPIs over time, as an Area Chart, a Line Chart, or a Stacked Bar Chart.

With these chart types, wBenchmark enables you to build custom dashboards, where you can easily follow your employee, team, product line or company’s performance, and make better decisions going forward.

Availability and Pricing

Currently, the wBenchmark module is available to Sugar customers using the US English language, on either On Demand or On Premise instance. It costs $120/user per year, with a minimum of 10 licenses. Please note that wBenchmark must match your Sugar instance license count.

If you would like more information about wBenchmark, or want to schedule a demo with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.