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Version 7.7 Brings Tagging to SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on April 27, 2016

3 minute read

Sugar users have been waiting for the release of Sugar 7.7 since features were revealed at SugarCon 2015. Well, 7.7 was released on April 15th. The most awaited feature was the tagging capability, which I summarize below, along with other changes that came with this release.

Capability to Tag Records

Sugar records can now be labeled with “tags”. This essentially creates another layer to organize and differentiate groups of records. These tags can be used in Global Search, filters, dashlets, or reports as another way to identify relevant records. These tags are managed via the new Tags module. Tags is a “public” feature so tags can be created by any user and this function can’t be eliminated using roles or permissions (although I’ve heard that private tags will be considered in a later release). Note that tags don’t interfere with role or group permissions; a user who filters on a tag still won’t be able to see records that their role or team doesn’t allow them to view.

Label Sugar Regords with Tags

Other Feature Enhancements in the Sugar 7.7 Release Include:

  • The Knowledge Base module now uses the new Sidecar user interface
  • During lead, conversion records will be automatically associated if there are no duplicate records found
  • Leads can now be converted by clicking the “unconverted” button on the lead record view
  • Admins can now collapse all subpanels in Sidecar modules by default using system settings
  • In Workflow Manager, admins can now differentiate between a record’s primary team and it’s current team
  • Reports with grouping capabilities can now be grouped by week for date fields such as Start Date or Date Created
  • Global search has been improved in functionality and user interface
  • Quotes subpanels called “ship to” and “bill to” are now available under Accounts and Contacts record views and will display related quotes
  • When composing an email within Sugar, email recipients can be moved between the TO, CC, and BCC fields by dragging and dropping the email addresses
  • Continued back-end improvements to fix bugs and improve security and performance

You can find the complete release notes for Sugar 7.7 here. A great way to stay up to date on changes to the Sugar platform is to join our Sugar User Group. In this online community, Sugar Users can learn tips and tricks, see customizations that may be relevant to them, and hear about the newest Sugar product features. Leave us a note here to sign up.