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Using the SugarCRM Database for E-commerce Transactions

by Amanda Anderson on June 14, 2013

3 minute read

W-Systems Built a Shopping Cart into its Custom SugarCRM Portal to Make e-Commerce Transactions Possible Using Customers’ SugarCRM Database.

Last month, we interviewed Jeremiah about the portal project he is working on. We gave an overview of the project and the underlying frameworks involved but didn’t go into detail about the different components of the portal. This month I wanted to drill down into the shopping cart Jeremiah built into the portal for one of our customers. The customer is in the education/non-profit industry. They needed a portal for students to register for courses and buy books online. W-Systems built a few custom modules in Sugar to hold information for the different types of classes, schedules, and books needed for each class. The portal enables students to sign in and view certain CRM data without needing a SugarCRM license.

Using the SugarCRM Database for E-commerce Transactions

To create a new class, our customer simply creates a new record in their custom “Events” module. In this module, there are custom fields for the instructor, class name, class description, duration, etc. After saving the event in Sugar, the new class will automatically show in the portal for students to sign up.

Custom “Events” module

When a student clicks “Add to cart”, the course is automatically added to the shopping cart. This works the same way for books. They can then go to the shopping cart to check out or continue shopping.

 Review Order

In the shopping cart, the student can adjust the quantity for an item. For example, if they wanted to buy two of the same book instead of one they can make the adjustment from the shopping cart instead of adding the book twice. They can also easily remove an item from the cart. To check out, the student must have a portal account set up and be logged in, which is easy to create from the portal page. They can then hit the “make payment” button to enter credit card information to complete the order. W-Systems integrated SugarCRM with Authorize.Net to handle the transaction. When the initial order goes through, it is stored in the custom “Orders” module W-Systems built in Sugar and is related to the student who made the order. Once the actual payment is processed by, the payment amount and status are updated in SugarCRM.

Now, our customer can create and display new classes and add books for students to buy using SugarCRM. Also, they can easily see the number of students who have signed up for a course and how many have successfully paid. Because this information is stored in Sugar, they are able to run real-time reports on course registration and book sales.

For more information about W-Systems’s custom portal and online shopping cart, contact us today.

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