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Using SugarCRM to Manage our SXSW Skeeball Tournament

by Amanda Anderson on March 12, 2012

3 minute read

This past Thursday, W-Systems participated in the SXSW Startup Crawl. We hosted a Skeeball Tournament at our office during the event and used our SugarCRM system to record scores and display the top scorers on a leaderboard. Towards the end of the tournament, we notified the top ten scorers that they had made it to the playoffs. We notified them via text message which was sent from our SugarCRM system using our Twilio SMS integration.

Here’s how We Did it:

First, we built a landing page with a web to lead form so that guests could register as they entered the party. The form asked for their name and mobile number, which would be used to communicate with them later on in the tournament.

W-Systems Skeeball Tournament Registration Form

The web to lead form pushed guest’s information into our SugarCRM system. We created a custom module called “Skeeball” to store these records.

Skeeball Custom Module

As each guest played a round of skeeball, their score was recorded into the CRM system from an iPad. We developed a public facing website that displayed a leaderboard of the Skeeball Tournament

. Skeeball Tournament Leaderboard

The leaderboard pulled the top scores from each record in the Skeeball module and displayed them in the chart. After a few hours of free play, we triggered the CRM system to send an SMS text message to the ten players with the highest score. The players were instructed to send a text message back confirming that they would be able to participate in the final round.

The event was a huge success and our team and guests had a lot of fun. Our motivation for throwing this party was to network with local companies, recruit new employees, and to be a part of the SXSW Interactive festivities. What made the event even more worthwhile is that we were able to do all of those things while incorporating our expertise with CRM in a fun and refreshing way. The energy and creativity of our engineering team is why we are capable of executing complex CRM projects. SugarCRM can be used as a framework and can be customized to do anything... even manage a Skeeball Tournament.

For more info about the SMS text message integration or about W-Systems, contact us today

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