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Using Sugar Integrate Templates to Migrate and Synchronize External Data

by Mihaela Bulacu on October 7, 2020

3 minute read

Companies today have several software applications that are considered essential in their daily workflows. Although fragmented software can offer some insights into processes or data, without the proper integrations, their generated data will generally be siloed. This leads to conflict between departments instead of collaboration, unclear workflows, and fragmented data. However, Sugar Integrate, SugarCRM’s Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) software, can take your business one step closer to successful application integration, migration, and synchronization.

Sugar has identified two of the most common integration and migration use cases, and has transformed those in pre-mapped templates for Sugar Integrate to help users facilitate software migration, and integrating your CRM with other software. Let’s take a look at how the two Sugar Integrate templates can be leveraged within your business.

The CRM Data Migrator for Sales Template

You recently decided to drop Salesforce and adopt Sugar Sell as your CRM — wise choice, by the way. However, you still need to move your data from Salesforce to Sugar. The CRM Data Migrator for Sales will copy all data from Salesforce and move it into Sugar’s corresponding modules. You would still need to create extra mappings for your custom modules and data, but overall, you would save a significant amount of time and money migrating to Sugar.

The CRM data migrator for Sales template in Sugar Integrate. A Salesforce Account Record migrated to Sugar Sell, using the CRM Data Migrator for Sales template.

Opportunity to Cash Template

Having several fragmented systems which need to be synced to your ERP software, such as QuickBooks, certainly makes the quoting process more convoluted than it should be. The Sugar Integrate Opportunity to Cash template can help you simplify that process by integrating and synchronizing your system financial data with your accounts and contacts in Sugar.

Customer financial data migrated from QuickBooks Online to Sugar Sell using the Opportunity to Cash template. Customer financial data migrated from QuickBooks Online to Sugar Sell using the Opportunity to Cash template.

The integration also supports automating order or estimate creation in your ERP system when a quote is accepted or an opportunity closes in Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise. 

Wrapping it Up

Having multiple software products should not prevent companies from leveraging streamlined operations or moving their data to better systems. SugarCRM’s Sugar Integrate Templates were built with this concern in mind, helping users save time and money while automating their business processes.

If you want to learn more about data migration or how you can integrate and synchronize different software products, reach out to us —  We’ll assess your current situation and offer flexible solutions!

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