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Using Notification Services to Update Email Passwords

by Lynn Catterson & Mihai Marinescu on April 18, 2016

4 minute read

Notification rules are available in the wMobile Manager Console to monitor for invalid or wrong email credentials. Based on customer requests, these notifications were added to send an email or SMS to the user with a link to update their password for wMobile. This was mainly developed for customers where users must change their email passwords periodically. Configuration details can be found below.

The wMobile email fetcher service checks for new emails in user email accounts on the server or Internet Service Provider and copies them to wMobile. Using default settings, this happens every 30 minutes but can be adjusted. So when users log into wMobile Phone or Desktop, they see new email. If the password has changed, eventually this check by the wMobile email fetcher service gets disabled to save resources on the server. In this event, the user will not see new email and will not be able to use wMobile to send or receive email until the password is updated.  The user does have some visual cues that there’s a problem.

In wMobile Phone, the email account will be listed in red with a note regarding the suspended status.

In wMobile Desktop, the account appears in red with a Stop sign.

However, now we can proactively notify a user before they even log into wMobile using the Notification Services.

In the wMobile Manager Console, select Notification Services as shown below.

Enable the rule ‘Email when wrong email account credentials detected’ by placing a checkmark in the Enabled column. Select Save when the change is made.

The Email Settings must be configured so an email notification can be sent. Navigate to Notifications | Settings | Email Settings. Any functional email account can be used. It is recommended to Test Settings in the Action pane on the right to make sure that the settings have been entered correctly.

In order to send a message with a page to update the credentials, the wMobile web address must be provided for wMobile Desktop and Phone. Select System Settings.

Navigate to Configuration → Desktop → Application Info. Enter the web address of wMobile Desktop. Your company web address might use an IP address or a domain name.

Next, navigate to Configuration → Desktop → Application Info. Enter the web address of wMobile Desktop. Your company web address might use an IP address or a domain name.

When both changes have been made, select Save in the Actions pane. If you are prompted to restart services, click OK to do so.

Now in the future, if a user’s email password changes and they haven’t updated it in wMobile, they’ll get a message with a link to change the password.

The ‘click here’ link will open a browser and direct the user to a page to update the password. Otherwise, a web link is also provided. The user must know the old password and the correct new password. On clicking OK, the credentials will be tested as shown below in blue.

On a successful test, the user will receive a confirmation of the updated password, and will have links to go to the wMobile Phone or Desktop login page.

If the user enters either the old password or the new password incorrectly, they will get an error message and have the opportunity to try again.

We hope that you will find this functionality useful!

Additional information on the wMobile Notification Services can be found here.

This blog post is applicable to wMobile and above.

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