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Using Custom Filters in SugarCRM Mobile

by Marianne Hardwick on February 9, 2016

5 minute read

SugarCRM Mobile App is included with every Sugar subscription at no additional cost. 

SugarCRM is continuously making improvements to the mobile capabilities. One of the most recent and helpful enhancements has been the ability to access the personalized filters you have created on your desktop version on your mobile device. 

This feature:

  • Provide a more consistent experience between mobile and desktop
  • Help keep you productive both on the road and in the office

How Filters Work

Filters are a quick, easy way to get the desired result set from a Listview or a Pop-up Search without having to run a report. For each module within Sugar, you can filter based on default (“out of the box”) criteria. Click on the “Filter” dropdown to access the default filters:

You are also able to add or remove fields to customize the search layout. This allows each company the ability to tailor their search capability for their specific needs. Any custom filters you want available on your mobile device must first be created in your Sugar desktop instance. To do this, first use the filter ability to get your desired result set. 

How to Create a Filter

If you want to see all your Leads located in New York who are interested in SugarCRM, you would want to create a filter. Click “Create” to create a custom filter. Once you do, the box below (fig.2 below) will open up. 

This will include all the fields your Sugar Admin has deemed “searchable”. Choose the field you want to search and add as many additional criteria you want simply by clicking on the + button:

Once you have your desired result set, give this search a name and click Save.

Viewing Filters in SugarCRM Mobile

Now, when you are on the mobile app, this filter will be available in the module it was created in:

Remember that once a filter is active in a Listview, it is “sticky,” meaning the search results are preserved when you navigate away from the page and back again.


This is just another example of how one small change in Sugar can have a powerful impact by providing key information easier and faster, allowing for a more consistent experience between mobile and desktop.

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