Using 3rd Party SMTP Email Providers in SugarCRM

by Christian Wettre on May 24, 2013

The first thing you do as an administrator of a new SugarCRM system is to specify an SMTP email account SugarCRM can use to send notifications and alerts to your users.   These messages may be a subscribed SugarCRM report, a forgotten password retrieval message, an alert about an assigned lead or customer case or a notification about a scheduled activity.

An SMTP account is also needed if you wish to use SugarCRM as an email campaign delivery tool to send bulk email such as newsletters to your customers.

Typically you would use one of your domain email accounts as a basis for this configuration in SugarCRM.  When using this service for sending out bulk email, it is sometimes a concern to use an organization's primary mail server to deliver the mail.  The concern is that it is possible that a newsletter email recipient complains about your organization as an email spam originator and that your email server ends up on a blacklist.  This could hinder normal email communication delivery for your organization until you go through the effort of resolving the issue with the blacklist organizer.  This does not happen often, but it does happen frequently enough that it is a real risk,

To avoid this risk, many organizations will choose to contract with a full-service email communications service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Inbox25 or ActOn Software.  These services provide excellent integration to SugarCRM and enable you to build, deliver and track your mass email communications to your clients.

Another option and the point of this blog entry is the possibility of using a third part hosted SMTP service.  This option provides a very low-cost SMTP mail gateway to deliver your SugarCRM email. Typically hosted SMTP providers charge about $1 per 1,000 sent emails.

At W-Systems we use a combination of a hosted SMTP service from Unified Email and third party marketing automation software from ActOn Software (of which we are a reseller and systems integrator). 

By selecting these mail delivery services carefully, we can use each SugarCRM's capabilities to the max. We able deliver our SugarCRM email securely to our users and too our clients while protecting our normal Office 365 Exchange mail server from abuse complaints in case we make a mistake and email one wrong person.

Unified Email is not the only hosted SMTP option; we also have customers who use SocketLabs or SendGrid for these capabilities.

If you would like advice on these topics, contact us to review in more detail.

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